Friday, October 24, 2014

Some Things Are Hard For Me :: Picture Taking

In the same vein as yesterday's post, I had more trouble.  This time, with getting someone to take my picture.  Not just anyone, there's plenty of friendly strangers here in the CN (Cold North), but particular people. 

The first is the photo center at my work, as I need a faculty picture.  I dressed the part, right down to the blazer, which I had to dig out of storage, because I don't do "professional" very much.  I blew out AND straightened my straight hair like any good basic white girl would.  The whole shebang.  Even contacts.

And then I got to the office an apparently my contacts were bothering me because they made my eyes red, and the lovely women who work in the office wouldn't let me get my picture taken because then my eyes would be red for all of eternity.  They care, yo.

Why would no one take my picture?
I really just can't fathom it.

So I left and tried to get a driver's license, but even though I had the 15 bajagizillion pieces of identification it takes to get a DL in PA, I found out my SC DL had been suspended due to not having insurance in SC anymore.  Even though I don't live there.  Bah.  

Whatever.  I am trying again on Monday, when hopefully all of the appropriate information would have been faxed and received and entered and recorded.  A girl can dream.  

BUT.  I want to say, that in the midst of all of this photogenic rejection, there was a bright spot.  Two, actually.  The first was Chick-Fil-A, which there's only one of in a 40 mile radius, but its near me, so its where I stop whenever Carolina is on my mind.  And I couldn't decide what to get and I was in the middle of phone errands, and I must have sounded downright pitiful, because the girl on the other end of the drive thru mic, she heard my sorrow, my frustration.  She confirmed my order, and then said "Okay, well this order is going to be on me.  It sounds like you're having a hard time.  Just pull around to the window."



That's right.  This dear, sweet girl who works in the fast food industry chose to make my seemingly difficult day one million times brighter, because she heard it in my voice, over the scratchy intercom, that I needed it.

After that pick-me-up, I gathered my druthers, ran a few more errands, and stopped in at the local Salvation Army Shop where I scored a classic Sesame Street sheet for my obsessed toddler, a book about the same, and an awesome mug to add to my collection, the second bright spot.  That chica at the Chickfila, she turned the day around for me.

Have a great weekend, y'all.  
<3 M.
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