Monday, August 25, 2014

Latest Update

We've got a backlog of things to talk about, so pardon me while I brain-dump :)

0. New Giveaway going on at Maggie Whitley's blog.  I have the cool opportunity to be a part of the fall gift giveaway!  You should check it out, you might just win yourself a shoulder bag!

1. The Fabric Survey Giveaway.  First, thank you all soooo much for participating!  It was the best response I've had yet, and I'm blown away.  Y'all are great.  Second, Katie from blog comments and Anna from facebook are both winners, and have been contacted!  The winning fabric line is Indelible in Grey, and orders have been placed.  We're about to move into production mode, so keep an eye out for shop announcements!

2.  The South.  I miss it, loves.  Bad.  It calls to me, and its siren song sounds like sweet tea tastes.  Which I wouldn't know about anymore, since up here in the cold north, its called "Iced Tea" with "sugar available".  Its different.  Everything is different, and adjusting is straight up hard.  I don't remember missing northern culture when I moved south, except for the grilled chicken salad.  I took to the south like a pig to mud and all of those similies, and this whole changing back thing is not going near as smoothly.  Turns out I'm actually a southerner living in a northern climate.  *cue tears*

3.  Our new locale.  Its really not as bad as #2 makes it seem.  There's no snow yet, and its nearly September, so I'm calling it a win so far.  People are actually friendly, there is country music, and there are sunsets, despite what the nay-sayers who tried to keep us in the south tried to say.  Also - Lake Erie, its a Great Lake (see what I did there??).  I never really appreciated it before, but heading to the "beach" and just wading in the water calms my heart.  Until I remember the sweet tea thing again, but whatever.

4.  A church.  You guys.  Finding a church has been one of the hardest things about moving for us in the past, and I think we've already locked one in.  It helps that I'm semi-local, in that I can ask my parent's pastor for recommendations.  We're already looking into joining a small group, because hello! We need friends!

5.  Childcare.  Now taking the top place on the list of "things that are hard about moving".  This has been a bear to figure out. We've got RG in a spot at a cute daycare near our house, except her spot expires in November as someone already has it reserved from then on (???).  And the semester isn't over until December, so...  Also, because I only teach M/W/F this semester (more on that), I thought "I'll only get MWF daycare!  Score!" And I did.  And then I heard "Lets have our mandatory meeting on Thursdays..." about 3 times, and so now I'm in a possible bind for Thursdays.  The saga continues.

6.  My job.  Y'all.  I'm so excited.  I've taught exactly 1 class, and I'm in love with it.  So so so pumped to get to be a college professor (although technically its called a lecturer position, but they're not sure what to call me because I also have a PhD so...), its pretty much everything I hoped it would be.  I've been given office supplies like its christmas, and I have students and syllabi and books that I chose... I'm so pumped.  Plus, I get to make schedules for what we're doing on what days, and I LOVE SCHEDULES.  Be still my heart, I might have been made for this.  I was also made for eating gushers and sewing ruffles, so take that as you will.

7.  Babydaddy.  That guy I married, he's solid gold.  He's been daddy daycare while we figure out our childcare situation, and he has been completely awesome about it.  It has been so sweet to see more of a relationship grow between him & RG, since in the past he's worked 3 24-hour shifts out of every 6 days.  Now she goes to him and lets him kiss her boo-boo's, they even have little routines.  Its slightly jealousy-inducing for me, because I'm used to being the one taking care of our girl, and I miss her like WHOA while I'm sitting in my office.  But I'm going to focus on the positive, and I love the way they're loving each other.  Nothing sweeter!

8.  The weather.  No, really.  Is it cooler than usual where you are?  It is here, and I'm digging it.  I love summer, I do, but with the timing of the move and everything, I feel like a light sweater is appropriate.  I'm a jeans girl, though, and love love love a well-fitting pair more than any other piece of clothing (remember the rockstar jeans?).  And also - soup is my love language.  Last week was cheeseburger potato soup, this week I'm thinking either chili or chicken noodle.  Whats your favorite?

Whew.  Okay.  I feel lighter now.  I hope you're doing well, transitioning to fall and school and whatnot.  I'm planning to be back here more, so watch out!  And seriously, soup suggestions, hit me with 'em!
<3 M.
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