Monday, March 2, 2015

What I Learned in February

1.  That RSV is medical code for "common cold" and is used so that, when Mamas of 1-month-olds are freaking out over shallow breathing and raspy sounds, there is a medical-sounding explanation.  It seems much more credible to say "Oh, ma'am, your baby has RSV" instead of "Its a cold."  The treatment is the same, and the little boy is recovering quite well.

p.s. - I had a baby boy.
January 23.
I feel like I forgot to share that...
2.  That I can survive on very few hours of sleep.  I forget this, between babies.  I forget that I actually can function with (3) 1-hour-stretches.  I also learned that I don't like it.

3.  That my husband is my absolute favorite human.  The kind of person who, despite him also not having much sleep, takes time to make sure our daughter feels loved, that she feels "pechial!" each day.  The kind of person who shovels the driveway three times in one day, who is kind to his crazy, sleep-deprived wife, and who has the most impressive biceps ever. <3

Helping Dada make his post-workout shake.
She's got special jobs, all that he taught her, and she takes them very seriously.
Especially the blending.
The blending is key.

4. That this girl of mine is growing fast.  SO fast.  And that she's a mini parrot now, and correctly (and emphatically) states "Oh my gaaaaaawsh!"  And that she knows my name is "Myiah".

5.  That I need to mind my tongue now, more than ever.  See above.

6.  That I can (and will) eat as many Cadbury Milk Chocolate Eggs as are available to me, even to frightening proportions.  There's a giant bag for sale at Wegman's.  I want it, I do.

7.  Galatians, y'all.  Galations (esp. The Message) is my jam.

8.  That two year olds don't know when its their birthday, and that is best used to an exhausted Mama's advantage.  We celebrated a little bit every day, particularly when PACKAGES (similar to Golum's "Precious!") would arrive.  Eventually there will be a year when we have to up our game, but it was not this year.  Her birthday cake?  A handful of Nilla wafers with jam.  hashtag: thats how we roll

9.  Mama needs a new camera.  iPhone photos aren't cutting it.  Again, see above.

What'd you learn, friends?  Share with me, I'm stuck in the frigid cold with two babies.

<3 M.
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