Thursday, March 25, 2010

And He says...

In the car the other day, we had this conversation:

Me: Oh, thats a nice song. Did you ever think that about me? Before you proposed, did you ever look at me and think, 'she's gonna be my wife'?
Him: Listen. That guy on the radio is getting paid to lie. I'm not.
Me: C'mon, you never thought that??
Him: What do you want? You want me to go all 'emo' on you? You want me to comb my hair down over my face? I can't, its not long enough.


Another time, after telling me how he helped one of my friends dispose of her deceased pet,

Him: I don't think I'd help you, though, even if you were crying. I don't want you to be emotional. I want you to be strong. Like a German.


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  1. Aaaaand it's official; I have a new favorite. You have somehow never told me either of these stories. They both made me literally laugh out loud (the were also clapping and flailing involved on the "emo" one). I miss your husband. We should arrange for a trip to see you sometime this year.


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