Friday, March 11, 2011

9 Dozen

9 Dozen.  Nope, not the number of kids I want to have some day.  And its not the number of times I've uttered the phrase "Handsome, will you please get your toes out of my armpits" (although its probably close).  9 (count'em N-I-N-E) dozen is approximately the number of cookies I've baked since 7 o'clock tonight.  And now its midnight, so you can see where I've ended up.  But, some of these recipes are new to me, and I had an obligation to bake them, and so bake I did.  My hands smell like vanilla (which seems nice in theory, but in large amounts I find nauseating).  My single oven rack has gotten quite a workout.
Here's the proof:

Triple Fudge Chocolate Mocha (minus the mocha part... Not my choice)
Carrot Cake Sandwich Cookies w/Cream Cheese Icing (!)
Aunt Grace's Orange Cookies
(and yes, it is actually MY Aunt Grace's recipe.  Rest her soul.)
Heaven forgive me, I made... *gulp* oatmealraisin.
(If I say *spell* it real fast so maybe people won't notice that I sold my soul...)
The triple fudge cookies are a relatively recent addition to my book, but I've made them half a dozen times.  They're almost brownie-like in texture, but with chocolate chips and a rich chocolate taste, devine.  Had to leave the espresso powder out of the recipe, because I'm making them for someone else who doesn't know the food of the gods when they taste it.

The Carrot Cake Sandwiches are a brand new recipe for me.  If it weren't 12:31 AM, I would try one, but I don't think thats the best thing before bed (and I might have eaten quite a few of the orange cookies... but I won't say for sure).  but they look delish, and the cream cheese icing (cut with some lemon zest) is delicious, I can attest.

Aunt Grace, God rest her soul, was a sweet old woman who lived with my Great-great-Aunt Dede, until Grace became too much to handle.  She was my Mom's Mom's Aunt (so maybe I missed a great??) and when we would visit, she would have these cookies and sugar cookies for us to eat, and lincoln logs to play with.  Sweet woman, sweet cookies.  One of my personal faves.

I feel that the final cookie is... not to offend anyone, but... GROSS.  AN IMPOSTER.  A DECIEVER.  A LYING LIAR WHO LIES, and (as I read recently) A GREAT BIG LIE-BURGER WITH FRIES AND ONIONS.  But really, let me tell you how I really feel... I don't care for raisins in my desserts, and I've often bitten into one of these suckers, expecting to taste lovely warm chocoatelyness, and instead find my teeth unpleasantly bouncing on a raisin.  BLEH.  But they're not for me, cookies by special request.  I just can't get them out of my house fast enough.


  1. It's simply mean to post delicious pictures and no recipes. The carrot-cake sandwich cookies are making me drool. Seriously, I could beat a baby in a drooling contest.

  2. Sweet Roll, I forgive you for your waltz into grossness with the oatmeal raisin cookies since you were serving someone else, but don't ever do it again. Disgusting, and deceptive...I too have been fooled before. I have learned to never bite a suspicious looking cookie, but to break them in half first and examine...I have been spared more than once by being cautious. The pictures are all lovely. I can only look at the last one if I squint and pretend. :)


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