Sunday, March 13, 2011

... and puppy dog tails

I have a dog.
He used to be a puppy.
His name is Duke.
He's a mutt (Great Dane/Lab mix)

He was born in March, but I don't know when.
So I'm pretending today is his birthday.
His first birthday.

Happy Birthday Duke!

He was justa baby here, probably 4 months old.
I miss Baby Duke.

And now he's big...
And looks good in Mardi Gras beads...
And he's not especially smart...
And he often turns air straight into poop... sorta like Rumplestiltskin...

I love him and he keeps me company.

(and if he runs away someday, I'm getting a real Great Dane)


  1. Happy Birthday, Dukey! If you ever feel underappreciated and you need a place to run away to, we're here for you. I'm sure Julian would agree.

  2. love the rumplestiltskin reference. seriously. it will never not make me laugh when you say, "he's air-pooping again" or "ugh. duke just pooped himself." i don't know; maybe i'm just 10 yrs old on the inside, but the word "poop" will always make me laugh.


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