Monday, March 28, 2011

A'paintin' we will go...

And a'paintin' we did go.  Painted a lot, actually.  Here's the story:

Handsome was pretty down about 8 weeks ago when I took our brand-new (to us) Jeep and backed it into his love-of-his-life-wants-to-be-buried-in-it Truck.  

I cried.

Anyhow, he was pretty bummed, because, did you know this, when you hit your car with your car, thats not a double negative.  Nope.  Its a double deductible, thats what it is.  So he was bummed, and even though he works so hard already, was thinking about picking up some odd jobs to pay for the repairs.  He mentioned this to some guys and one thing led to another, bam!  We've got a painting job.  Painting approx. 10 rooms in a 2000+ sq. ft. house. yay.

Again, I cried.  Almost.

Its safe to say I wasn't pumped.  Kind of ticked, actually.  I didn't realize at the time that he picked up the work so that we could pay for the repairs I caused.  He didn't mention it.  Just took on more work and went at it.  Well, I had a pretty bad attitude about it, and that got me pretty much... nowhere.  Handsome doesn't put up with my attitude.  No siree.  Ever since... oh, about 12th grade, he doesn't ask twice when he wants to know whats wrong and I answer "*sigh* Nothing. *pout*".  Nope, he gives my whining no quarter.

So, I was left to my own devices, and after wrestling down my selfish tendencies and a great sermon on serving my husband, plus a few "But I don't want to" prayers (to which God says "Too bad"), I got turned around.  And then Handsome decided that, due to inclement weather, we would be painting all weekend.  And we did.  Really.  It was about 15-16 hours over the two days.  And since my attitude had been wrangled, I was able to enjoy the time with him.

I was also able to appreciate watching him work.  Well, yes, in that way, but also in noticing how he deals with guys he's working with, and his standards for himself.  And can I just say, he's wonderful.  Yes, he's often inappropriate, and is nearly never traditionally romantic, and yes, when I bent down to get something, he poked me in the stomach and said "Someone's getting a little pudge," but man, that man has got himself some character.  And that was nice to see, in action.

I also have learned something that 20+ years of math & schooling (I know, the number makes me want to cry, too) did not provide to me: a marketable skill.  Yes, math is important, but I've now learned to do a skill such that, were I to be hungry and without, I could do work for someone and get paid.  They would not pay me to prove Farkas's Lemma, or to turn their matrix into row-reduced-echelon form.  Although some people do call me to figure out their discounts on sales, no one is going to pay me to tell them that their spending has increased according to an exponential model with base 1.1528.  So I'm going to say that I've gained a lot here.  And some pretty intense shoulder muscles to go with it, if I do say so myself.

So what about you?  Any epiphanies this weekend?  Or did I use them all?

She of brains and brawn, 

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  1. THIS is a fabulous post. Seriously. Fabulous.


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