Monday, March 7, 2011

Decisions Update!

So I've not been amazing, but I'd call it above par.  As long as we overlook the excess Perfect Combo that I consumed tonight.  (If you click on the "perfect" part, try to ignore the calorie information on the side.  Its best that way.)

I've yogged (like jogging, with a soft j), exercised my pup, taken care of bid-ness (mmmhmmm) with regards to homework, and cleaned my kitchen.  Alls quiet on the western front.  Until I noticed my spare oohm.  This awkward room I have that isn't an extra bedroom, isn't an office, isn't quite sure what it is.  Except that right now I am quite certain that it is chock-full of cardboard boxes.  I don't know what to do with them.  I'd take them to the recycling center (not that I'm earth conscious, but we have to haul our own garbage) except that the cardboard bin is broken.  So I'm thinking about crafting something out of them.  AFTER I get my homework done and AFTER I take care of my chores and YES I'm 11 years old and hoping for a sweet upgrade in the allowance area.

Any ideas for what to make with bunches and bunches of boxes of different size?  I'd love to hear your ideas!  Its gonna get wild!  I'm thinking some practical (can I make a coffee table out of them?  who says I can't?) things, as well as artsy-fartsy (3-D wall art, possibly spray painted...)


  1. I think you should either, build a spare bed for when I come to visit or you should burn them. Or you should talk to Crista about tips for re-purposing cardboard. We went to the Dr. Seuss thing at SMILES last night and they did tons of stuff with cardboard. There was even a slide made from cardboard that your niece LOVED!

  2. If any of them are good size book boxes, you could bring them to me. Packing... my favorite...

  3. Tanya,

    They are good for packing! I should let you have your pick before I start cutting them up to make wreaths and whatnot. Give me a call, I'm home most evenings.

  4. Why the heck not? I seem to remember some pretty sweet duct-tape accessories from way back in the day ;)

  5. @Ashley

    This is true, you can do pretty much anything with duct-tape :)


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