Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Good Morning Wednesday

Good morning, y'all.

This Wednesday is starting earlier than planned.  Partially because of wanting to get things done, and partially because my wonderful husband, who has many other great qualities, is often forgetful when rushed and left his radios at home.  In the fire service, that spells disaster, and so I had to run them to him.  But really, what is marriage built on, if not job-saving interventions from time to time?

I had a dream right before waking this morning, that I lived in my childhood home, with various family members, my old preacher's kids, and a girl in my PhD program.  I threw a party, but it rained and then it stopped but no one came.  But my Chinese desk-neighbor from my Master's office did call and leave me a message in broken English, which was weird because she speaks very good English.

BUT, the important part was the bread.  I dreamed that we were going to serve this delicious bread, where you warm up some sort of cheese that has a hard rind, and then you toast the bread and you butter the bread and you spread the warmed cheese on it and add some other stuff (I don't know what) on top and broil it.  It was D-E-licious.  I would like some for breakfast.  Shame I don't keep anything like that in the house.  Shame I'm not still dreaming.
It was a mix between:


if that even makes any sense at all.

Today I have a bunch of work on my ToDo list, mostly left over from not doing enough in the previous week. I've also sworn off television for the next 2 days in order to get that ToDo list pared down.  So I might be on here more than ususal.

P.S.- I just googled "Homemade Cinnamon Toast" to try and get the right picture for above, and there was a squirrel among the results.  I was too afraid to click on it.

P.P.S.- I'm sorry if you read this blog expecting to find something useful.  If you're thinking it will improve, your chances are not looking good.  Bear that in mind.

Off to do the ToDo and to find new mercies, 

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  1. I am impressed that you've not had this blog very long at all and already, you have "Older Posts". Very prolific of you.


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