Friday, March 4, 2011


Handome missed me.  I can tell by the sweet things he says...

Him:  Huh.
Me: Yeah?
Him: Well, you have less cellulite than you used to...

Him: Pregnant women are retarded.  This one woman, she's only 5 months along, and she's bought all of these baby clothes and "I love daddy" stickers and stuff...
Me: Thats not dumb.  Thats normal.
Him: You would think that.
Me: But I'm not pregnant.
Him: Yeah, but you could become pregnant.  That means you have a tiny piece of the retardedness in you.  It will probably stay there until you're past child-bearing age.  After menopause, you'll lose the retarded part of yourself.


Yep.  He missed me :)


  1. I can vouch for him. He is neither mean or stupid. Just very, very funny in a 'you kinda had to be there' sort of way. But I love him. And I love you too. And miss you both. And welcome any opportunity to get a peek into your too-far-away life.

  2. I'm confused about why this was "retarded"... does he think you shouldn't buy anything for the kid until it's out? Or am I missing something completely different?

  3. Miss Hannah,

    Perhaps you should not try to explain him or find meaning in what he says. Perhaps you should just embrace and enjoy the fuzzy confusion that follows :)


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