Thursday, March 31, 2011

Oh Mother!

I know, I'm trying to go to bed earlier (I might not have told you this, but I am.  And I'm sort of failing), but I just checked my email before logging off and guess what I had in there?

No, really, guess, I'll wait...

Well, since you've already guessed, no it was not a letter from a Uzbeki prince needing me to transfer money for him.  I had two emails, one from my mother, and one from my mother-in-law.

And guess what! (I won't make you guess this time)  I was happy to get them both.  Because this girl here, blogging to you from the sweet south, has been blessed in a HUGE way, with first a loving, wonderful mother, and then secondly with a compassionate, generous, understanding mother-in-law.

I know.  It doesn't seem fair.  And to be honest, its probably not.  But life really is not fair, and I'm sure in other ways the scales tip in your favor.  But in this one arena, as far as I can tell/care to see, I've got the jackpot.  

That is all.

Except for this exchange between Handsome and my older brother, in the presence of my mother, approximately 6 mo. after we started dating:.

brother: My girlfriend and I are getting married.
Handsome: Really?  Why?
brother: *bewildered then sarcastic* ... uh, for the tax break, Handsome.
Handsome: I mean, I know why people get married, but you two live together, and you've already...

              At this point, he looks at my mom, decides he doesn't want to say the word "sex" in
              front of her just yet, and chooses a "euphemism"

Handsome: ... I mean, you've already penetrated, so I don't really see whats going to change...
Everyone in room: *stunned silence*

With that, You're welcome & goodnight,

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  1. One of my top ten, no, FIVE memories of Dante. Made me laugh out loud again just now when I read it. I actually just shared that story with someone the other day, trying to explain just what that special something is about him. His uniqueness just doesn't translate accurately!

    And thanks for the sweet words. I share the same blessing as you do, mom-wise.


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