Thursday, March 24, 2011

P-Dub am I not.

So there's this lady named Ree.  She's got this blog thing of hers, (PW, P-dub), where she does all sorts of wonderful things.  She talks about her life on a ranch in Oklahoma, she puts up lots of WONDERFUL photography, shares great (if artery clogging) recipes, gives instructions on how to build garden beds and how to/not to home school her children, and a lot of other stuff.  She's pretty fantastic, I'm not gonna lie.

Anyhow, Ree is wonderful.  She's had this blog for years now, and I started reading it (I say with some pride) back when she only had about 4,000 followers.  Now she's way a big deal.  Like, on Good Morning America, won a Throwdown with Bobby Flay big deal.

Again with the anyhow, I'm not her.  I don't know what I'm doing here, I'm making this up.  Regardless, I had a thought of something I want to do, and then I thought "Oh no.  Then everybody will think I'm trying to be P-dub."  Except I'm not.  Not at all.  Not even on the same realm of levels.  And besides, a lot of you don't know who she is, and only... 3 people will probably know of whom I speak.  So this post might be superfluous.  Most likely is.  Deal with it.

The idea I want to do is make a cookbook.  P-dub has a cookbook.  But she actually came up with most of her recipes.  I'm planning to put fixed-up, manipulated, teased versions of recipes I know into my cookbook. And hers is actually published.  By someone other than herself.  I'm going to make mine myself on

So this is my new journey.  My new adventure, in addition to all of my current goings ons.  Now all I need to do is find my camera, so's I can take pictures of food that I's cooks.


  1. Always welcome to creep. Trust me, the feeling is mutual. Can't wait to see this cookbook. I always wanted to own a bakery.

  2. I cannot tell a lie: I thought the F-dub might be P-dub *inspired*, but I didn't think you were trying to rip her off or whatever. As long as those triple chocolate espresso cookies and the buffalo chicken dip are made available to the world, then I don't care what you do. <3

  3. ...and pasta carbonara. Don't you dare leave that out.

  4. Sometimes I'm tempted to do that. But for me, it's more like taking all those mad awesome recipes I see people make, and I could show people how poor people who work on their feet all day can make something similar.

    But real cooks would probably hate me.

    I managed, for example, to slaughter your recipe for the lemon-chicken stuffed croissants pretty efficiently. They're still delicious when I make them, but the way I make them might make you cry. :)


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