Thursday, March 3, 2011

Schedules, schedules, schedules...

Reno, baby.  Its not quite Vegas.

I'm in Reno tonight, far away from Handsome.  And it wouldn't matter so much, except this is one of the rare weeks, happening right now, in which he has nearly 4 whole days off.  FOUR WHOLE DAYS!  And I'm 3 time zones away (which always throws me, but thats a story for another time!)  This lack-of-work event (and yes, you can call the presses if you desire) theoretically happens once every 6 weeks.  Reality, however, is closer to every 3-4 months.

Our schedules never match.  Not really ever once, that I can remember.  I tried to think back, thinking perhaps I was being dramatic about the whole thing, but really, I'm not.  Okay, maybe a little dramatic, but for the most part, it seems that when I'm available, he's not; when he doesn't have work, I do; when I get a class cancelled and have free time, he's already committed to something else.  This experience is frustrating, especially since I just like him so darn much!

My understanding is that making marriage work requires that two people spend an amount of time focused only on each other.  I'm not sure what the right amount of time is.  Do you?  Different people probably require different amounts (like me: a lot, and him: enough).  We're still trying to find it.  I do know that the best shot I've got is to make the time we do spend together as wonderful as I can.  Its not always my first instinct, when he's been away for 48+ hours and I've stored up loads of things to tell to/ask of him.  But I'm learning, and will continue.  He is, after all, my very favoritist subject!

Aren't we shnazzy and school-ish in our glasses?!  So Schmart!

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