Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Some peoples kids...

... well, those peoples kids, some of them actually read this stuff.  Which is mind bottling (movie reference, anyone?) to me.  So I thought I'd do that thing I've seen elsewhere, where you explain why you write.  So here's why:

I write on here, and share it with you all, for one reason, and one reason only.  There was a day, not too long ago, when I was talking to my dog (which I do a lot since my Handsome often works).  Of course, Duke did not respond verbally when I spoke to him.  And then it happened.  The catalyst for all of this.  I thought to my self, "Gee, I can't wait until Duke gets older and can talk back to me."

Yep.  I thought that.  It was brief, but for that moment, I had somehow gotten it into my head that someday, that my puppy (who is not smart, even in dog terms) would someday mature enough to respond when I spoke to him.  I know he's not a baby.  I know he's never going to do anything of the sort.  But I had been talking with him so much, and interacting with other people so little, that somewhere along the way my generally rational brain had taken a major detour into CRAZY.

So, after regaining my composure, a few deep breathing exercises, and a short prayer to "please not let me become any more crazy", I decided I would write all of my wild, rambling thoughts down and share them with people I couldn't see.  Just seemed like a course of action that would bring me a little closer to the reasonable, rational person I used to be.
You all keep me sane.  Thats why.

When I told Handsome the same thing, it went like this:
Him: Do you have a blog thingy?
Me: Yeah... why?
Him: Oh.  'Cause I told someone you didn't.
Me: Well, no biggie.
Him: Why do you have a blog thingy?
Me: ~Above explanation, shortened~
Him: ... hmm... why don't you just get a hobby?

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  1. Aww... We should have mini Fiber Fun-type meetings where I come over and you can quilt and I can crochet and we can talk like girls.

    And we can talk to Kara and say we can't wait til she's older and can talk back to us. :)


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