Friday, April 29, 2011

5 Minute Friday - If I knew I could I would...

Five-minute-Friday is a a writing exercise put on by thegypsymama.  I don't want to bore you with these things, its just sort of my exploration into the world of blogging.  Feel free to ignore this post and move right along, or even go to her site and participate yourself!

Whatever you decide to do, please have a most perfectly wonderful Friday!

If I knew I could I would...
If I knew I could I would travel anywhere in the world, and everywhere in the world.  If I knew that I could afford it, I would explore and see and take my own pictures, then blow them up really big in print and hang them on my wall.  Sort of like a hunter does with his prey.
If I knew I could, I would open a bakery, right in that little shop downtown that used to be chicken, then was gyros, and now sells hotdogs.  They have good window space.
If I knew I could, I wouldn’t stop at a bakery, and would open up a little brunch place where the samurai delivery place is right now, but what used to be Flynn’s grill, and was something else before that.  I would serve breakfast every day of the week, and at 2 am when the bars let out, I’d charge $4 for a waffle.  Waffle house ain’t got nothing on me.
If I knew I could, I would have kids.  And adopt.  Right now.  If I could have a family and still get my schooling done and afford them, provide for them, and invest time in them, I would do it.  If Handsome had the time to spare and the same inclination, that is. 
If I knew I could, I would buy a farm and some land and some chickens and cows. 
If I knew I could, I would win all of my family to Christ, and pray with them and for them, and them for me.  I would teach my nieces and nephews what God’s love is and how to share it with others.
Basically, if I knew it was all possible, and everything was already in place, I would make all of my dreams happen right now.  


  1. hehe, so true. and then the funny thing is that we'd just have more dreams if they all happened right now. love your idea about a bakery and praying for those kiddos of yours someday!

  2. You have beautiful dreams... I hope they all come true!

  3. If I knew I could, I would make all these dreams come true for you. Right. Now.


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