Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Capturing the Out-of-doors

I recently stumbled upon this blog post, You Capture, which invites people, every week, to take some photographs that capture a given category.  This week, its You Capture|Outdoors.  So, I got off my duff and went outside and took some pictures.  These flowers are all able to be seen, smelled, and experienced within 5 minutes of walking out my front door.

Honeysuckle: little flowers that produce BIG smell, beautiful and sweet. 
Blackberry Bushes: flowers that eventually fall away and give birth to sweet-tart berries.
Can't wait to see these suckers gone!

Dandelion: pesky flowers that give rise to only more pesky flowers.

Vinca Vine: these little guys pop up helter-skelter amongst some very dense ground cover.

Purple Beast (I don't know the real name): large, purely ornamental flower, climbing up my neighbor's mailbox.

Unknown Pink Thing: Its not especially pretty or flowerful, but it was there and I saw it.
Captured.  Done.

Magnolia Tree: I can't wait for these guys to show up.
So fragrant, large, and southern.
Its like the southern belle of America's flowering trees.

Tulip Poplar: big guys, high up in trees, hard to capture, but fun to find!
This is what I've captured.  This is what is outside my front door.  

These are the little pieces of beauty that surround me.  
What beauty surrounds you today?  
Post some pictures and link to here, or to the You Capture site.  

Or, if you think you're up to it, try to describe the beauty around you in words.  

Appreciating weeds and wild plants,


  1. Ahh- the color on that purple flower is fantastic!

  2. Welcome to You Capture! Great captures, by the way! Can't wait until we have some actual flowers around here!

  3. @Chic Homeschool Mama
    Thanks so much! I was just lamenting to myself how lame my pics look compared to others, but I guess it really is all in the eye of the beholder :)

  4. @Regina Lynn
    Oh, I'm sad you don't have real flowers yet! If here is any indication, they are coming, and coming strong! Oh, and I completely posted these pictures for the contest last week, I wasn't sure how it went. I think I have the hang of it now, but we'll see... :)


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