Monday, April 11, 2011

Chat Time

Hey there.

Howya doin'?  Hope you're doing good, great, swell, I'd even settle for O.K.

Me, I'm keeping busy.  See, I've got a lot going on every night this week, and I won't have time to do anything.  The craziness really starts Wednesday, and I've got a weeks worth of stuff I need to get done before then (and yes, I know that leaves tomorrow).  Stuff I usually put off "strategically schedule" for right before time is up.  Stuff like homework assignments and teaching preparations.  Stuff like cleaning and organizing and getting Duke all set up for when I won't be home.  Stuff like laundry so handsome doesn't have to wear stinky clothes, and grocery shopping so handsome doesn't eat microwaved s'mores for breakfast, lunch, & dinner.
True Story: Once, when I had been gone on a 2-3 day trip, I came home and found all the food I had prepared for handsome still in the fridge/freezer.  I asked him if he ate out while I was gone; he did not.  "So dear," I asked, "what did you eat while I was gone?"  His answer: peanut butter out of a jar for lunch, and microwaved s'mores for dinner.  6 of them.  He's a bachelor trapped in a married man's body.
So anyhow, I'm kind of busy right now.  I'm sure you are too; most people are these days.  And I'm not feeling really creative today, probably won't feel real creative tomorrow either.  So I was thinking, what if you tell me what you want to talk about?  Or what you want me to talk about.  I could expand on stories you already know (if you know stories that I know), or you could suggest random topics, or you could ask questions and then I'll answer them.  Unless those questions are entirely uncomfortable-making - then I'll just say so.  So just leave a comment below, and I'll post about what you want.

So anyhow, thats my idea for now.  Please make up for my lackings.  U complete Me.

And, for being so sweet, I'm going to post some pictures that I've taken, just for you.

Fireworks (because you couldn't tell)
I love fireworks
Duke loves Christmas
Handsome loves danger
(oh, and I didn't take this picture.  I was too busy falling after him)

Peace Worldwide (worldwide... worldwide...),

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  1. There is much I'd like to talk about and much I'd like to know. I am, however, like you, completely overwhelmed this week and cannot get my brain to turn to the right or to the left. Maybe next week, huh?


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