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Since you've all got nothing on your mind, and I've gotten most of my goings ons out of the way, you're about to be hit with a big scoop of streamofconsciousness business.  Might even throw in a Handsome story/saying at the end, who knows.  Prepare yourselves.

picture of what I'm thinking about right... NOW:

You'll notice that the cinnamon roll is larger than my hand.  That is a requirement for awesomeness.
I realize I've been throwing a lot of sweet breakfast foods on here recently.  BTW, does anyone have a recipe for good waffles?  Something simple, but tasty?  Mine always taste real... egg-y.  Anyhow, while this whole "not eating everything that looks good in whatever amount I want" is doing wonders for my whole WW scheme, its left me with unfulfilled food issues.  And this is how I get those issues out.  Except yesterday I also ate 3 of the remaining cinnamon rolls from Sunday (Saturday?).  But then my knight in shining armor swooped in and saved the day by eating all of the remaining rolls, and now I don't even have to have self control.  I just look at pictures.

This picture is from my hometown (really, I lived between the two towns, and I call them both my hometown and I don't differentiate, which may be confusing.  revel in it, I am).  Last fall I was able to go home for the Autumn Leaf Festival.  Yes, a festival celebrating the changing of the leaves, which is often scheduled for 2 weeks before the leaves are in their glory (as below) but no one asked me.

I love ALF.  There's a crafters day, and a parade, and all of those things are good, but OH! the food.  Fair food, but top-o-the-line stuff, let me tell you.  Not that I used to draw pictures of the food on the back of exams the entire week leading up to ALF (yes, in college), and not that I once co-wrote a song entitled "The 12 Days of Autumn Leaf", but I might be able to list for you some of my favorites available from the Autumn Leaf Festival, in addition to the usual fair pickin's:

  • Cinnamon Rolls (obviously)
  • Elephant Ears, (14"x18" minimum)
  • Stromboli
  • Gyros (which, in western PA, we pronounce with the G sound out front.  I was mocked after I moved)
  • Frozen Chocolate Covered Cheesecake on a Stick
  • Lemonade (the stuff is like syrup.  might have prepared me for the sweet tea of the south...)
  • French Fries
  • Pulled Taffy (strawberry and chocolate and cinnamon and spearmint and grape and...)
  • Pasta Bowls (though, disappointingly enough, often look better than they taste)
  • BUCK A SLICE (little Italian place {Joe's} sells pepperoni pizza for  a 'Buck a slice!  by having a guy yelling the phrase over and over on the sidewalk)
  • Miniature Fresh fried doughnuts (new this year.  glazed, pwd sugar, or cinnamon available)
And finally, the reigning Food Of The Fair:
  • Poor Man's Caramel Apple (someone restrained themselves enough to take a picture of the thing before inhaling it.  I applaud their restraint, and yet plan to use none should I encounter a PMCA at any time in the future.)
Don't believe me about the importance of this dish?  There's a facebook group devoted to it here.  I once stood outside their booth on opening day of the festival at 11 AM and got the first one of the whole week.  I feel I should have a merit badge regarding that fact.

Well, I guess thats where this post is going.  And I don't really have a Handsome story in mind, other than telling you that he makes fun of my food baby every year we go to ALF, and the fact that I bring chewable pepto with me, so I can enjoy everything without side effect.  Sorry if this is disappointing.  I feel better, after talking about all that delicious food, if its any consolation to you.

Hoping to someday be relevant,

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  1. You forgot about the "we'll deep fry anything" booth. Oreos. Snickers. Cheesecake. Cookie dough. Pop tarts. ... Pretty much ANYTHING. At $1 (and probably about 10 WW pts) a piece, they're pretty pricey, but I feel like it's necessary to have at least one item from there (but never again with the pop tarts - that was a poor decision). Also on my list: egg rolls, fried veggies, and coffee from Michelle's (which I realize you can get any time, but it just tastes better at 8am on Craft Day).


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