Monday, April 4, 2011

Do You KNOW??

Seriously, do you know what kind of day we're having here?  Do You?!?  

I feel like you probably don't.  Because if you did, you would be here.  

Yeah, thats right.  I said it.

The best place to be right now is where I am.  Well, not precisely where I am, because I'm in the basement of a campus building, surrounded by math and weird smells.  But in general, in the Upstate of SC today is where you want to be.  

It is GLORIOUS outside.  Its about 65, slight breeze, and sunny.  Oh, and add to that the fresh-cut grass everywhere, with the smell floating on the breeze.  And, I almost forgot, the abundance of flowering shrubs.  And the availability of sweet tea (which I've forsaken now that I'm on WW, but I might just need some soon).  AND I'm going to the farmer's market on campus today.  SO MUCH EXCITEMENT!!!

I would take a picture, save for two problems: (1) It would pale in comparison to the experience, and you'd call me a liar for labeling this day glorious, and (2) I left my camera at home.  Really, the only problem is 2.  I'd totally take a picture if I could.

So instead, I'm going to make you a collage of pictures I can find on the interweb that might come close to capturing the gloriousness of this wonderful beautiful day.

This is close.  Wait!!  We need one more picture to complete how I feel about today:

Hushpuppies.  Candy for the soul.  Done.

And yes, the hushpuppy picture is just as big as the outside collage, and yes, the size signifies each objects relative importance.

Love me for who I am,


  1. It is quite the opposite here today. Storming and rainy. However, when I took the dog out, I noticed that it smelled wonderful outside. It smelled like rain and spring. What a wonderful combo!

  2. @Take Nothing for Granted

    Mmmm... spring & rain. I'm loving today, but almost almost sad that we seem to have skipped spring and plowed right into summer :)

  3. 1. your collage made me start singing, "here's the story, of a lovely lady..." i like that clemson is alice in that scenario.
    2. i love the monkey face.
    3. i love hushpuppies.
    4. i love you.
    5. that is all.

  4. The perfect end to this lovely day? We're supposed to be getting some awesome storms tonight. :)


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