Monday, April 18, 2011

For Dinner Tonight...

and tomorrow night, and the night after that...

Yep.  Gotta put together my list.  If you all want to leave now, that makes sense.

Really, this post isn't even for you, unless you're a nosey nelly and want to know what
we're eating here.

Yeah, this post is mostly for me.  Since I use so many online recipes, this is a great way for me to keep track of them all, know where to find them, and also remember what I'm supposed to be making.

And if you think it looks ambitious, I want you to know that we eat cereal sometimes instead of what I put up here. And if you don't think it looks very ambitious or healthy, well... I don't know, you're probably right most of the time.

On to the menu...

Chicken breasts (boneless-skinless, I'm not sure if they're my favorite, but they're fastest) are on sale until... tomorrow at the place where we buy our meat, and so I'm going to be featuring a lot of chicken recipes.  Not that this is any different from any other week.  Just wanted to justify myself somehow.

And we're off.

Tuesday:  Chicken Quesadillas, modeled after a recipe from Ree.  I'm also making a chocolate on chocolate birthday cake today.  I feel that everyone should have a birthday cake.  Also, it helps me practice for my bakery (which Handsome chuckled and shook his head about when I told him.  I don't think he's taking me seriously enough.  When I rent out that space on main street, he'll see how serious I am...)

Wednesday:  Stromboli similar to this.  I've already got the refrigerated pizza dough, so...  I'd love to use my own, but I have trouble working with yeast.  It gives me fits.  Sometimes it rises, sometimes it doesn't.  I'm going to tame this beast, I am; just not on Wednesday.

Thursday:  Grilled Chicken Salad & Almond Brickle Chip Cookies (which don't have almonds in them.  My cookies/deserts rarely do) by request.  We'll be celebrating some very special ladies and their recent graduation into the Masters world!! Woot woot!

Oh, and the chicken salad with be done correctly, complete with frenchfries on top.  In case you're wondering, I marinate the chicken breasts in italian dressing, then grill them.  You really just don't need anything else.

Friday:  Burrito/Enchilada/chimichanga type things.  I know, 2 american/mexican foods in one week.  I've got a lot of low-carb tortillas I need to use up, left over from my brief foray into Atkins.  And yes, that was months ago, and yes, I sortofkindof wonder how it is that they're still good (i.e.- not moldy or stale) but I'm just going to call it God's provision and go with it.

Saturday:  Sloppy Joes, maybe some mac & cheese, too.  I don't know if I'll make my mom's recipe (which is awesome but includes an entire stick-o-butter), or the blue box.  I love the blue box.  Maybe I could make something else to go with them.  Any suggestions?  I'm not wild about sloppy joes, but Handsome likes them. And I felt it was that time in the week that we include some red meat.

Sunday:  Jalepeno Popper Chicken Roll-ups (AWESOME), and some Carrot Rice (I've never tried it, but I needed to get something uber-healthy in there to counteract the "appetizer as a meal" aspect).

Monday:  Chicken Noodle Soup.  I bought whole fryer chickens last week, and as a result I have close to 4 gallons of chicken stock in my freezer.  I'm roasting another one today, so I'll have even more.  Gotta use it somehow!

Anybody want to know how to make chicken stock?  I could tell you.  Its relatively easy, and results in better-than-store-bought-broth as a nice base for lots of dishes.

Alrighty!  I think thats my list.  Might even get me to next month (there's left-overs and cereal nights mixed in).  Now all I have to do is list the ingredients, check the weekly circulars, and go shop!  I'm thinking about expanding my creativity and trying to develop some more recipes.  The jalepeno one is mine, and I tweak most of the ones I use after making them once, but I would like to just make some up.  I listened to My Life In France by Julia Child on my trip home, and I think I've been inspired.

What are you eating this week?  I'm feeling stuck in some recipe rut.  I really had to work for this weeks list.  Tell me about you!

Cooking without ingredients,

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  1. I'm in a terrible recipe rut. I believe it began the moment I got pregnant. Maybe twice since then I've been inspired to throw something together that worked really well. Steve and I just sit and stare at each other when it's time to make the meal list, racking our brains trying to remember the things I made when I cooked mad awesome inspiring recipes with what we happened to have in the kitchen.

    We'll be having steak fajitas, chicken gyro plate type things, pasta something, chef salads, black-eyed peas with rice, and some kind of chili.

    I wonder if that carrot rice would be good with plain ol' brown rice? It looks tasty. Course, if you throw peanuts, ginger, and carrots together in just about anything, it looks tasty to me. :)


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