Sunday, April 3, 2011

For its Unintended Purpose

I found a secret.  A secret that just might change my life.  

Or at least how often I have to vacuum...

And what is this mystery object which has been used for its unintended purpose, you ask?  

Let me show you:
Yep.  I know.  Revolutionary.

Oh, but the best part!  The unintended purpose!

Here's what I did:
I used the lint roller directly on my dog.
And it worked A-mazingly well.  It just took the hair right off of him, without brushing or anything.  And it took off a lot, too.  Truth be told, when I saw all that hair on the roller, and no longer on my dog, with no threat of falling to the floor or getting stuck on my clothes, I was moved.  And when I realized that I would not have to battle these pesky hairs to have a clean couch or swept floors, I nearly wept.

Let me show you:

 Awesome, right?  Well, lest you're not impressed yet...

Do you see that business?!?!  

It was especially helpful on this legs, since they're sort of sensitive to a brush thats hefty enough to get the underhair out.  Seriously.  I can't stress enough how wonderful I think this little find of mine is.  I bought it at TJMaxx one day.  If I had another, I would host a give-away on here.  Thats how much I'm in love with it.  But I don't have a second one.  And there's no giveaway.  But perhaps, in the future.

What about you?  Any great unintended uses floating around out there?

Down to vacuuming 2x a week, 


  1. I've typed and erased several comments, none of which come across as appropriate once I see them in print. I guess I'll just give you one word and let you take it from there.


  2. That... is... awesome. Especially the less vacuuming. Now if only we could put diapers on the ferrets so we only had to mop twice a week. Hmm...

  3. @Dallimomma
    I can't even imagine, but I sorta want to know, sorta don't... :)

  4. Ha, awesome!! No more middle man, just tape-roller the dog, awesome.


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