Sunday, April 24, 2011

How I Feel About Things

Hello!  April is nearly over, and I can't believe it.  Truth is, I'm not sure how I feel about it.

This is my favorite tree in the whole world.
I know how I feel about it.  Its May's coming that has me tied in knots.
I have a lot of feelings.

Sometimes I feel strongly.

Sometimes I feel "eh.."

Generally, like a lot of women people I know, I feel a lot of things, and in varying degrees.

I've made a list for you, here, of things I feel strongly about.  And things I feel "eh" about.

I feel strongly that everyone should have a birthday cake.
I feel strongly that dogs are better than cats.
I feel "eh" about requiring my dishwasher to remove every speck of food from a plate.
I feel strongly that rainy days are just as important as sunny ones.
I feel "eh" about wearing socks to bed.
I feel strongly that physical labor is a wonderful tool for working out being worked up.

The thought of watching a basketball game makes me go, "eh."
The thought of watching the Pittsburgh Steelers kick the tar out of any other NFL team makes me go, "Yippee!"
The thought of wearing stockings makes me shrug my shoulders indifferently.
The thought of finding candy in my Christmas stocking makes me fist pump vigorously.
The thought of helping others makes me smile REAL BIG.
The thought of going for a run makes me think about something else.

I feel "eh" whenever someone suggests going to a concert.
I feel strongly that everyone is good at something.
I feel "eh" about the emphasis placed on the wedding day.
I feel strongly about following recipes, and then tweaking them.
I feel "eh" when people just want to complain and are annoying.  Even when its me.
I feel strongly that each person has inherent value, even when they're being annoying.
I feel "eh" about things of the organic persuasion.
I feel strongly that a pitch black room, and a bed laden with multiple pillows and heavy blankets with a fan running is the perfect sleeping conditions.

Just in case you were wondering.

And now I'm wondering.

As we start this new week, this last week of April, how do you feel about things?

Testing the fatality of curiosity,


  1. I feel strongly that Fergie's songs are bad. As are a lot of other pop songs. Bad messages, bad sound, bad all around.

    I'll admit, I feel "eh" about political issues like gay marriage but strongly about abortion.

    I feel very sad about what I found out today, that I can't donate Kara's umbilical cord blood to stem cell research. Apparently even cord blood stem cells are "controversial," so instead of being useful, they get to get thrown in the trash.

    I feel strongly about comma splices but "eh" about improper grammar in conversational spoken English.

    I feel strongly that brownies are possibly the best dessert food ever created.

    I feel the same way you do about "things of the organic persuasion."

    I feel hungry, so I guess it's time to stop typing and start foraging.

  2. I feel strongly about music in general and live music in particular. A life without it is pretty much not worth living.

    I also feel "eh" about gay marriage, but I do feel strongly about abortion (and most social welfare programs) being wrong.

    I feel strongly about Ayn Rand and firmly believe our country is going to go the way of Atlas Shrugged.

    I feel "eh" about the Steelers.

    I have strong negative feelings about the New England Patriots and strong positive feelings about the Green Bay Packers.

    I feel "eh" about yogurt.

    I feel strongly about egg rolls.

    I feel strongly about Death Cab for Cutie.

    I feel strongly that your mother's double chocolate peanut butter ice cream is one of the best frozen foods ever.

    I have strong feelings of guilt, shame, and disappointment about the amount of chocolate and general crap I have consumed in the last two days.

    I feel "eh" about making sure I get back on the WW plan for the rest of this week so that I can have a good weigh in.

    I feel like that's probably not a good attitude to have.

    I feel like I'm going to need you to call and motivate me this week.

  3. I feel very strongly about the pestilence that is cold sores. In a negative way, in case that wasn't clear.

    I feel strongly about personal responsibility, whining and servanthood.

    I feel "eh" about details.

    I feel strongly about family and friends who are like family.

    I feel "eh" about shopping of any kind.

    I feel strongly about parenting, encouragement and Truth.

    I feel strongly about giving with no strings attached.

    I feel "eh" about rules for the sake of rules.

    I feel "eh" about photographs, in general, but strongly about photos of my grandkids.

    I feel strongly about a good night's sleep, a good pair of sneakers and a good mate.


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