Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Monday… Monday… Adventures on Monday…

I wish I didn’t know the Friday song by Rebecca Black.  If you’d like to wish the same thing but be unable to, here’s the YouTube Video.  If you’d like to remain unstained by the world, please do not click that link.

Anyhow, yesterday was Monday, (duh), but for my house, it was kind of like a weekend, too.  Basically, any day that Handsome doesn’t have work and isn’t exhausted is a weekend in our house.  Living in the college world gives me quite a bit of flexibility of schedule, especially with this semester winding down.  The idea is that, when Handsome is working, I try to get all of my assignments and preparations done, so that when he’s not working, I can spend fun time with him.  And yesterday was one of those days where we got to fit some adventure into an everyday day.

The adventure started with going to Anderson, SC, to pick out some seed potatoes.  We went to Griff's Farm & Home Center, which is supposedly the best feed & seed store in the area.  We looked at all the plants for sale outside, tossed around the idea of growing cucumbers and then pickling them (because H. won’t eat them without copious amounts of vinegar, garlic, & dill), decided not to grow Honeydew Melons, and went inside to find the potatoes. 

This store has all sorts of things available for sale, but we could not find the potatoes within the first 30 seconds.  That was a problem, because I couldn’t stay inside any longer than that.  There is a certain smell in that building; something like a mix between formaldehyde and industrial strength cleaner, and breathing it in was making my tongue go numb.  So I ran outside, and this left Handsome to find & purchase the potatoes.
*cue the scary movie music*

Handsome went to the counter, and asked if they had any seed potatoes; they only had a 50 lb bag.  Did he want that?  He didn’t know.  How could he not know?  Well, because this is all his wife’s idea, and he would ask her but she’s outside because she thinks it stinks in here.  (Yep.  He really told the woman that, about her own business.  I feel this was entirely unnecessary.)  

Anyhow, no, we did not get 50 lbs of potatoes, and they’re not getting any smaller bags in because the season is nearly over.  So this lovely plot of land I tilled on Sunday (what, that’s not what you did on Easter Sunday?) is going to be wasted unless I can think of something to plant there… 

What to plant here... pumpkins, perhaps??  Gourds, you say?
Your mom's out of her gourd.
After this debacle, we went to Anderson’s downtown area to see if we could visit a restaurant that we had a coupon for from Restaurant.com.  If you’ve never checked restaurant.com, I would recommend it; we’ve gotten some really good deals for restaurants in our area that we wouldn't normally go to.  We ended up at Matty’s Downtown, where we had a coupon for $10 off an order of $20 or more, which I had purchased during a sale for $1.  So in theory, it was $9 off $20, which is still good.

And speaking of GOOD!  The food was delicious.  Handsome and I ordered Corn Nuggets and then argued over if corn nuggets were Southern or not.  

My argument was twofold: (1) If Paula Deen makes it, its southern, and (2) You can’t even say the phrase without a southern inflection.  Handsome then decided on a Primanti Bros-esque sandwich, named “The Steel City Sandwich, straight from ‘da Burgh,” which lead us to believe there was some Pittsburgh influence in the place; always feels like home.  I got a blackened chicken Caesar salad complete with pita wedges.  YUM.  We were totally satisfied.   Our service was good, food was delicious, atmosphere was comfortable.  I would highly recommend it. 

Now, this would normally already be a 4-star day; we had spent time together, eaten good food, laughed, explored.  Everything was wonderful.  But, Handsome was not done – he wanted to really “wow” me.  So off we headed to Hardy Berry Farm outside of Anderson, where we went to pick our own strawberries.  Pulling up, there were goats, llamas, sheep, and a huge pond beside the lovely barn building.  We were given baskets to hold our haul, and sent out into the fields.

the fields

the pickin's
the most wonderful berry picker EVA
To understand the weight of this adventure for me, please know that H. does not derive any joy from foraging for his food.  He believes that this is work, and they should pay us for this; any other arrangement (i.e.- us paying for the pleasure of picking our own) is ludicrous.  We picked 2 big baskets full, in about 30 min.  

They were delicious!  

They were humongous! 

And, truth be told, they’re half gone now.

But that was my wonderful adventure.  Handsome got me back to school in time to teach for the last time this semester, and they day went on as always (other than my food baby named “Barry”… haha… get it?  Berry… Barry…).

Its these small adventures that make up my memories.  What small adventures are you having this week?

Caring for Barry,

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  1. Did you know that if you get potatoes and let them grow some tenticles and cut them in chunks with each chunk containing at least 2 'eyes', you can plant the chunks and grow potatoes? Yes, you can. You're welcome.


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