Monday, May 9, 2011

All I've got in me today

Good morning.

I've had a good morning already, have you?

Sure hope so.

If not, you've still got the rest of the day to make up for it.

Handsome is back, which is F-A-N-tastic.  I say this even though he brought wet stanky laundry back with him, and even though it means I have to get up at 6 AM and even though he brought his snoring back with him.

All I've got for you this morning is a short list.  I may come back to it this evening, give you something actually worthwhile, but for now, its a list.  Remember, its the thought that matters (which is really only true for Mom's, and even then its shaky reasoning).

  1. Previously mentioned "short" final project not due until Sunday night took me 5 hours yesterday.  And that wasn't quite... top quality.  Due at 12 AM, I turned it in at 11:32 PM.
  2. As of 11:33PM yesterday, I was officially done with the semester and unofficially done with the math department.
  3. I'm going to the city today.  Might do some window shopping.
  4. Dukas and I took a nice walk this morning, although we had a tag-along dog, I might have mentioned him before, BoBo.  Makes me feel stupid to say his name when I talk to him.  Try it.  Give BoBo a command, see if you don't feel dumb.
  5. My house still needs to be cleaned.  I AM going to do that today.
  6. I like to have a friend over to watch me clean.  Like maybe I want credit for it, or maybe I just like company to keep me distracted from the boring chores.  Want to come watch me clean my house in a totally non-stalkerish way?  I can't imagine that anyone would not jump at that chance.
  7. The previous sentence is probably a double negative, but I couldn't think of any other way to say it.  I'm sure my resident english-major sista-in-law will take care of it for me.
  8. I played butcher with 27 lbs of chicken breasts yesterday.  I might get some more today.  I might give you a tutorial on "How to turn on-sale-bone-in-skin-on chicken breasts into boneless skinless chicken breasts you actually want to use".
  9. I got that 27 lbs of chicken breasts for $26.50.  Bi-Lo in Seneca, in case you're local and want to know.
  10. While at Bi-Lo, I ran my cart into some things that carts should not be run into, dropped threw all of my change on floor, and forgot one item so I had to go back.  The check-out kid told me that it could be worse, like if I had just told the Salvation Army person that I didn't have any money, and then threw all of my change on the floor.  He's right.
  11. H.'s sista is coming to visit, and she's gonna want to eat icecream, a lot.  So I'm going to have to go yogging, a lot.  Nothing bad about that, just stating things for the list.
  12. I feel that icecream should be one word.  Maybe highschool.  I'm not decided on that one.
I think thats enough for now.  I've gotta get a move on cleaning this house.  I'm gonna turn up some music, set some timers (really helps with efficiency), and get moving.  

Oh, and while I'm at it, I have a question.  I'm not a decorator (not a question, a declarative statement what-what!?), and so my house is sort of... bare.  Lack-luster.  But I don't like clutter, so I don't want to go and buy a bunch of things I'll just have to dust (thanks, Mom) and so my house stays bare, because I don't know what to do with it.  I've been thinking more pictures, perhaps.  Maybe some paintings?  Maybe some on-the-wall shelves?  Not sure.  Anyone have suggestions?  I was apparently born without this gene, and my home feels less cozy for it.
Ready to take on the world sans knick-knacks,


  1. I was born without that gene too. And everybody's like, "Oh, the baby's room is going to be so cute!" And I'm thinking... Well, it'll have a cute baby in it, but it's still ME decorating it. Not sure how you're getting the idea it's going to be cute. o.O

  2. Wall decals! Lots of variety out there and NO EXTRA DUSTING!

  3. #1 - I don't like people to watch me cleaning. I seriously try to squeeze in all my housework on FireMan's shift days. Which is probaby one reason why it's never done.

    #2 - I'm impressed with your chicken-butchering skills.

    #3 - My home decor of choice is pictures. If I'm gonna have stuff on my walls, then I want it to be pictures that mean stuff to me. So framed photos are it, for me.

  4. If you're looking for easy home decor, get some sweet fabric and staple it on paint canvases. It's something I've been intending on doing in our bedroom, but the walls remain bare. Harumph.

  5. @JB
    That sounds pretty simple... I have a lot of fabric, too. Could cover up some unsightly wall drawings left behind by previous tennants... I like it! Thank JB!


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