Saturday, May 7, 2011

Dinner Plans

After no small amount of research, I've gotten my dinner plans for the next week or two nailed down.

You may notice a distinct "lightening" of the recipes listed here.  Since Handsome and I are doing WW, we're trying to keep things healthy and what not.

Also, I ran yesterday.  Just want some credit here.  Ran for a whole 28 minutes.  Ok, I walked for about 2 in the middle, but other than that.  It might be a personal best for me.  Aren't you proud??

Ok, below are the recipes and the links.

I know this stuff is about as boring as salt, but I was wondering if there was anything that would make this more exciting for you?  I maybe could post pictures of how the meals turn out.  Or... I don't even know.  Probably not.

And on to the excitement.
Saturday:  Basil Chicken (5 pt) & Broccoli Couscous.  This is from 5 ingredient | 15 minute Cooking Light cookbook.  Its a lil' balsalmic, a lil' basil, a lil' garlic, tossed with some pan-fried chicken.  Couscous comes from a box that I bought for $0.75 at Aldi's.  I'm only making this if I can decide to get off of the couch.  I'm undecided.

Sunday:  Turkey Meatloaves (5 pt) for Handsome, left-overs for me.  I'm not a fan of meatloaf.  But Handsome is coming home tomorrow, so I figured I should have his favorite food ready.  Might make some potatoes to go with it.  Could get really wild and whip up some green beans.

Monday:  Rootin' Tootin' Chili (3 pt w/o beans).  I am overcome with deep and undying love with regards to this chili.  Its spicy, rich, deeply flavorful.  I highly recommend eating it with frito's scoops.  You don't even need a spoon.  Its great.  I almost want to make it right now.  Except it takes 2 hours.

Tuesday:  Garlicky Mexican Chicken & Crispy Polenta (5 pt).  I'm sort of nervous about this.  Not the garlic or the mexican or the chicken.  I'm even on board with the crispy part.  Its the polenta that gets me.  I just really don't know what it is.  Something like corn bread but not... I'm a little bit scared to google it.  So I'm just going to go forth blindly and make stuff up.

Wednesday:  Fish Sticks (7 pt.), again just for Handsome.  I'm also not a big fish/seafood person.  Please don't judge me.  Alternatively, please don't try and tell me "Oh!  But you haven't tried _______ "  Trust me.  I've tried stuff.  I just don't like it.  This is why I feel I'll never be a real chef.

Thursday:  Shredded Pork Empanadas (5 pt.) which  I'm making these with biscuit dough, though.  I couldn't find any good recipes for the dough, and this recipe calls for precooked cornmeal.  I don't know what that is.  Scares me in the same sort of way that polenta does.  I'm baking these, too, by the way, for the health factor.  And because I am not allowed to have a deep fryer.

Friday:  Pollo Sofrito (6 pt.) and maybe some grilled vegetables which will allow me to spend more time at the grill and less at the stove, which I always enjoy.  There is some concern, voiced by those who love and care for me, that my grill is in disrepair.  Handsome and I refuse to see it, and instead look at it as having character.  I mean, that grill holds memories, like the one time one of us was supposed to check the chicken and fell asleep and the grill burned up all night until a neighbor turned it off.  Our chicken looked like charcoal.  What memories would some fancy new piece of grilling machinery hold, I ask you?

Saturday:  Cheesy Chicken Tortilla Soup (6 pt).  YUM.  Its creamy, cheesy, crunchy.  Similar to a Max & Erma's recipe.  Pavlovian response makes me want fresh baked chocolate chip cookies for dessert with this.

I'm also thinking about making the following desserts some time this week:


Now that I've completed all of this, I've realized that we're having company come in this week.  Handsome's Momma & Sis.  And while they're here, we want to show them the best the South has to offer.  This means BBQ, Meat & 3, and Hush Puppies.  And while this excites me a T.O.N., it does change some things.  Really, it'll just lengthen out the amount of time this menu lasts for.

While I'm thinking about it, do you have any suggestions for what our guests must see/do while they're here on their short visit?

Starving yet unwilling to cook,

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  1. We always take our guests to Issaqueena Falls so they can get a taste of why we like hiking so much. :)

    And, of course, we always take them to the coffeehouse. That one may or may not hold any appeal for you.


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