Saturday, May 7, 2011

Growing Unseen

The only thing Handsome asked me to plant in our garden this year was potatoes.  I guess he used to grow them with his grandparents, and he really liked it.  Something about them growing unseen under the earth and then its like a treasure hunt to find them.

Until today, I had been unable to fulfill his one wish.  Until Today.  Yep.  I planted this morning.  My garden is finally complete!  Nothing left to plant until something dies and/or I get bored and replace it.  Thats how we ended up with cucumbers last year, the watermelons we're doing well so I pulled them out and planted cucumbers instead.  And, in case you were wondering, this is a cucumber plant.

Mystery Solved.
So, here's how the potato thing went down:

First, let me say that I went to a fruit stand and bought some sprouted potatoes to plant.  Then I came home and looked on top of my fridge, and there was a forgotten bag of potatoes that were way sprouted, and so I used those instead.  Which was a waste of exactly $0.59, since I got the potatoes for $0.39/lb.  I love fruit stands.

Anyhow, you take the potato and cut it into chunks with two or three sprouty eyes on each chunk.  Then I let them sit out all night to "scab" which sounds disgusting but supposedly helps prevent rot.  I've gathered all of this information I know from watching youtube videos, FTR.  And on those youtube videos, it said to dig a ditch and plant in that ditch, because apparently, as potatoes grow, you have to mound dirt over them.  And if they're in a ditch already, its pretty easy to mound dirt over them.  So i did.

potato ditches

Then I took the little scabby suckers (GROSS!) and placed them in the dirt, covered them up with a little bit of dirt, and watered them.

sprouty scabby sucker
I'll keep you posted on how this goes.  I've never planted these before, so I'm not 100% sure what I'm doing, youtube videos aside.  Hopefully in 1 1/2 weeks I'll see little plants bursting through the surface, and then I'll know that its O.K.

Now for the rest of my garden.  Think of this as show & tell.  Theres lots-o-pictures.

The lettuce bed.  Last week I had salad 3 times from here.
And I almost ate an inch worm.
I will be rinsing my lettuce henceforth.  ALWAYS.

As we can see, the garlic and the spinach seem to be getting along well.
Perhaps they'll last and surprise me.

This is the butter-something lettuce.  Getting pretty large.

Red-leaf.  I'm finding that I like crispy lettuce like romaine, not wimpy lettuce like this.
But don't tell it I said that.

Brandywine tomato plant (i.e.- pepper plant masquerading as a tomato plant)
It is beginning to look more like a tomato plant.  It even has flowers!

Can't wait for these babies!!
And I don't even like tomatoes that much.  I just like change.

Some of the scallions are still coming late to the party.
Really, at this point, they should be embarrassed, but they don't seem to know it.

The whole of the tomato/herb bed

Basil is looking a little skinny.  I'd really like to see him beef up some.
You hear that, Basil?  Get to the gym!

This is Stevia.  I don't know what to do with it.  But I'm intrigued by it.

My mom called me.  Said "Whatever you do, don't plant more than  2 zucchini plants.
We're planting 1 for our family of 6."
So I planted 4.
I'm a bad listener.
Friends and neighbors, get ready to receive!

The onions are coming up nicely, but I don't know when they're done.
Oh, and while we're on it, when is garlic done?  Can you use the leaves for something?
They're really garlicky smelling.  Seems like you should be able to.

My mint plants.  They're, how do I say this, FAILING.
Not sure if its too hot, the soil is too rough.
(they're just in the ground, not in the cushy beds like  all the other herbs)

Blackberry bush, transplanted from around my house.
I'm thinking its gonna be another year before he's got anything to show for himself.
I feel like a parent whose kid got an expensive degree in weather prediction.

I'm going to clean my house today.  Part of me wants to just keep the lights dim and the windows open so I don't need to.  I mean really, the air circulation keeps it smelling nice, the dim lights don't let you see the dust and the cobwebs.  Its a good plan, until someone turns on the lights and then you're all exposed.  Might do some menu planning, too.  I love this excitement, really, sincerely, I do!  

Also, Dukas started a new bag of dog food today.  
I want to see how long it lasts, so I need to record this for posterity.
Thusly recorded.

So what are you doing today?

Fulfilling dreams like its my job,

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  1. Today, I went to work (which, of course, renders me useless for anything else for the rest of the day), and now I'm watching Steve pack. He's doing an amazing job. At the moment, he's making trips to the Dumpster to dispose of those useless and broken things that have accumulated in the past three years. I'm quite certain he's even more thorough about the packing and the sorting than I am. Which makes me incredibly happy.


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