Thursday, May 26, 2011

H.O.M.E. Home, Home!

I made it home last night.

And it is lovely.

But I'll have to tell you about it another time, because I'm in the Mathematics Department computer lab (for what may likely be my last time) and I'm about to leave to turn in my key and kiss this place goodbye.  And my computer is broken (it is 3 years old, which is like 60 in computer years), so I don't know when I'll be back to chat with you.  But believe you me, I've got some stories to tell.  And we're going to have a lesson on packing at some point too.  I know, you're brimming with excitement.
So know that I'm back in the EST, and that once I do get my computer back (from where ever I find to fix it, and fix it good), we will have so much to talk about, you won't be able to get any work done.  But for now, I leave you with this thought.

South Carolina should change its marketing strategy.  I mean, yes, there are some palm trees, but not in most of the state.  But what the state does have, across the board, is humidity.  And some may feel this is a bad thing, but I disagree.  Think about it: South Carolina.  The Moistureful State.   New state motto: Leave your lotion at home.  Really, when I was in Reno, my skin dried out and my hair got staticky.  Which was something, since I can't remember the last time that happened, and I realized that its all due to the lovely moisturizing abilities of good 'ole SC.  So yes, it is insanely humid today, and yes, I do run for the cover of AC whenever possible.  But its great here.  So warm, so humid, such sweet air its like breathing sweet tea (also the new state drink of choice, under my reign).  Its good to be back.

I <3 Home,


  1. Virginia is wicked humid these days, too. Here's to a good, sticky, sweet tea-filled afternoon!

  2. @Kristi
    a. I love that you say wicked. I saw a shirt on my trip that said "wicked big red sox fan" and I thought of you.
    b. Lets have sweet tea together soon, ok? I understand if soon has to be "within 4 months", but soon :)
    c. I love your face.


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