Tuesday, May 17, 2011


And I'm pretty excited about it.

Truth be told, I don't even really know what I won.  Its a book... ?

I like to win, and I enter to win anything I can.  I put my name in a drawing this weekend while at the art festival. No call on that one yet.

But, I did enter to win on Pam Anderson's (not that Pam Anderson) blog, three many cooks.  I didn't really know what the prize was, but I saw the word "giveaway" pop up on my feed reader, and I clicked, scanned for what to enter to be eligible, and entered away.  Imagine my surprise yesterday when I got an email titled "You Won".

All I had to do with send them my address and bank account number and social security number... KIDDING!

I should be getting the book in the mail sometime in the next week or so (I'm assuming here), and I'll let you know what its about!  I am 89% sure its a cookbook.  I LOVE cookbooks.  And Pam is a great judge of all things to do with cooking, so I'm sure its quality.

Super excited and pleased with myself,


  1. That cookbook looks like it's going to be a fun one to read and use. It'll be cool to see what recipes you try out.

  2. @Val - Firefighter Wife

    Thats a great idea, Val! Since I didn't really do anything to deserve winning it, the least I can do is appreciate it. I'll cook a few things from it, and post them on here! What fun! Thanks for the idea.

  3. Niiiice. I signed up for a drawing for a years' worth of diapers. ::crosses fingers::


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