Saturday, May 14, 2011

My Big Mouth

It always seems to get me in trouble.

You would think that the number of ways that my mouth gets me in trouble would be limited by either time or space or both, but I'm beginning to believe that is just not the case.

Yesterday, my big mouth (MBM) got me in trouble when I thought that fried rice was worth 4 points per cup.  Its worth 10 points per cup.  And I shoveled 2 cups into mbm.  Whoops.

Later in the evening, MBM got me in trouble when my sweet and caring husband made a practical suggestion that bristled my common sense and rubbed my independent streak the wrong way.

Often times MBM gets me into trouble when someone asks for a favor or a commitment, and MBM opens up and shouts "Yes!" before MSB (my slow brain) has a chance to think through the ramifications and other previous engagements.

If MBM would stay closed more often, I'm pretty sure the trouble would lessen and the number of happy people around me would increase dramatically.

Today I'm going to the farmers market in greenville, and I'm sure the opportunities for MBM to get me into trouble will abound.  But perhaps MBM can curl itself into a smile and make someone's day brighter.  I know that there will be some vendors there trying to make MBM water with their delicious wares and say "Yes, I'll have 5 thankyouverymuch," and I just might let it, if its delicious enough...

Always an adventure when MBM is around,


  1. So it's not just me!!??! Tee-hee, I was literally driving around thinking about starting a blog, and one of the subjects was going to be "Mr. & Mrs. Insert-Foot-In-Mouth" as both my hubby & I had these experiences this week. Eh, what am I saying, I do it all the time!

  2. @AshleyI highly recommend blogging, I think its a lot of fun. Plus, it would allow everyone far away (read: me!) to keep up with your fast-changing bundle of joy!

    Think about it, and let me know if you do!


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