Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Nothing can ruin tonight.

I was preparing to type this post, with that title, when a palmetto bug flew down and landed on my arm.  And you know what?  (a) I killed it dead and didn't scream, and (b) I'm still super happy and (c) yes I am a little freaked out and will be ordering a pesticide spray, as is required every 3 months down here to control the bug population.  But I'm still happy.

Do you know why?  Of course you don't.  I'm happy for a number of reasons.  Today I made a new friend (we were made for each other, it was easy), and I got to welcome an old friend back to the lovely South, and I'm celebrating with another about her recent (aka: 2 hours, 35 minutes old) engagement.  Its like I'm finally hitting my stride down here.  And it feels really nice.

The whole palmetto bug thing is still freaking me out, and I saw a cicada a little too up-close-and-personal today, but overall, it was wonderful.

On top of everything else, my house is mostly clean, my husband is going to be home for the next two whole days, and I finished a quilt top & bottom last night on my new sewing machine.  Lets take a moment and give Brother some props.  Now, Brother (that link will start talking to you if you click it, FYI) is a sewing machine company, and I recently bought my sewing machine from them.  I needed wanted a new one because my old one was not fancy and often fought me, but mostly because it wasn't able to do the machine quilting I wanted to try.  So I got this machine which is waaay fancier than anything I needed, but I love it all the same.

This is my new machine.  It came with a quilting foot and a guide thingy and an extra-large attachment table just for quilting.  Like it was made for me.  It has a drop-in bobbin which I've never before experienced but now may be unable to live without, and did I mention it has 60 stitches?  Crazy, decorative things.  7 types of button holes.  I've never sewn a button hole in my life, but now I need to sew at least 7!  It has 2 different stitches just for piecing quilts.  A-mazing.  I'm super pumped.  I think at this point I'm supposed to point out that this is not a paid advertisement, but really, c'mon, is that necessary?  Does anyone out there think that this company knows me?  I'm pretty sure its a given that I just do this of my own accord, but FTR, this is not a paid advertisement.  Brother would probably be embarrassed with what I use their machine to do.

Anyhow, I finished the quilt top & bottom, and here's pictures of them.  I got to stay up real late last night and finish it, because H was working a baseball game that was supposed to start at 7 and was delayed until 10:30.  This gave us a coming-home-time of about 2:30.  And today he went back to work at 6:30.  Because he's a really great worker, and he takes care of us.  I just hope he's sleeping now.  I, on the other hand, got to go back to bed after he went to work and slept soundly for an additional 3 hours.  So I'm good.  In case you were worried.

The top of the quilt.
Close-up of the blocks.
The back of the quilt.  These guys will be in the lower RH corner.
I found the pattern for the front of this quilt while looking... somewhere on the internet.  The original quilt I saw looked like this:

Much more sophisticated quilt.
I really liked the way it looked.  But I didn't want to buy the book just to learn how to make it, so I kind of made things up, which is basically my modus operandi for... everything less-than-life-threatening.  This was a pretty easy quilt to eye-ball the deconstruction.  Thats the term that I use for figuring out how each individual block is made up and pieced together.  I think it turned out pretty similar.  What do you think?

Can you spot my mistake?  I'll give you a hint: Sometimes you have to turn your head...
Not even bothered by permanently sewn mistakes,


  1. I love it! Yay for new toys!

    I can't spot a mistake. Every time, I get distracted by the prettiness.

  2. are some of the fabrics (i.e. animals and trees) oriented horizontally and some vertically? because that doesn't seem like a mistake to me. enough of them are swapped that it just looks like there's no "right" or "wrong" orientation. it's a BEAUTIFUL quilt though. i LOVE the colors. what are you going to do with it?


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