Monday, May 16, 2011

SC is a show-off (Picture Heavy)

And I do love that about her.

Our relatives came down from the cold frigid (comparatively) North, and we took them around to show all that the sweet South had to offer.  This is not merely because we are wonderful hosts, but really we're trying to lure as many people as we know and love to come down here and be near us so we don't have to miss them.

So, while they were here, we made a list of things to do:  Farmers Market, Waterfall Hiking, Lake Swimming, BBQ Eating, etc.  We didn't get to everything on our list, but we did most of them, and I'm going to take you on a tour through pictures.

We learned quickly that some of our guests (*coughJemmacough*)
did not want to be left out of the fun at home...
So we took everyone to the lake to run along the dikes
and fight against thunderstorm hair
and swim and fetch sticks.
We went to Greenville and were lucky enough to catch an artists festival, Artisphere,
and this glass-blower in action
The nearly finished product.

We had a family photo shoot at the Quarry
and Duke got his senior pictures taken.
We all thought about swimming...
and finally took the plunge!
We confirmed that Handsome does indeed walk on water.
Our last day included waterfall-jumping,
waterfall climbing, 
and a Sistas photo shoot.
I'm water, Handsome is fire, and the other 2 are both heart.
In case you watched cartoons in the early 90's and know what this reference is)
We went to the Westminster Speedway.
A cultural experience like no other, boiled peanuts cost extra.
All-in-all, it was a fantastic 5 days.  You'll notice that Handsome was in quite a few of these pictures, because he was *wait for it* Not At Work!  We had a blast.  I'm planning on spending every Saturday night for the rest of the summer at the Westminster Speedway, in case you were wondering.  Thems my people.  I belong there.

Our guests are now gone, back to the land that is as-of-yet without decent fresh strawberries.  I feel for them.  We will miss them while they're gone.  But what they left (other than the great memories and my MIL's cell phone which is currently being Fed-Ex -ed) was a very nice and swanky camera, which is mine to use and play with.  So while I warned you that this post is pic-heavy (I might start calling it PH... ha... fftt.), we're gearing up for many more.  Prepare yourselves.

Offering suggestions for how to best show off/enjoy the Upstate, 

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  1. I see one problem; no M-I-L photos. I double-checked. That woman needs to get out from BEHIND the camera.


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