Friday, May 27, 2011

Since the Dawn of Time... (part 2)

So, back to the story I wanted to tell you...

Handsome and I had been dating for oh, about... forever 4 1/2 years.  I had started the not-so-subtle hinting that I'd be willing to marry the guy about 3 1/2 years earlier... what can I say, I know what I want.  But Handsome was a little longer in figuring out what he wanted, and so I waited.  And hinted.  Obviously.  Not that I wanted to manipulate him into marrying me, but I wanted him to understand that if he were to ask, I would say yes.  I also wanted him to understand that eventually I would be graduating and moving, that planning a wedding would take a fair amount of time, and that the time was fast approaching to crap or get off the pot (per the 5 year deadline I had given him).  

So, as the summer before my senior year of college approached, I gave a few final hints, by now aware that I would be heading off to SC in a year, and then I tried not to dwell.  Figured I'd just enjoy what was and trust God for the future.  

Set the scene: June, 2007, at a birthday part for my Momma.

Handsome and I went together to get my mom some tickets to a local amusement park, Cedar Point Kennywood.  I had just discovered that my mom of 21 years loved roller coasters.  I never knew.  So we got 4 tickets to the amusement park, and after confirming that she was ready to leave this world if necessary, we extracted a promise from her that she would try the *dun dah da dunnn* Sky Coaster!

Taken from a page in my scrapbook.
I seem to have lost the original.

So on the day of the event, the four of us set out in two different cars early in the AM (this will come into play later).  We dropped off one of the vehicles (I believe we were moving my sister... or at least transporting her a washing machine) and continued on to our final destination, Cedar Point Kennywood, for a day of fun.  And did we ever have fun.  We tried out a bunch of the roller coasters, working my Momma up for the Skycoaster, which she tried to get out of but to no avail.  

Finally, the time came and since only 3 people could ride at a time, I volunteered to video the whole thing from the safety of the ground while the other 3 rode the sky.  

Please excuse the poor quality of this video, and ignore the "Trial Version" printed over the whole thing.  This is my first try at doing a video on here. 

Anyhow, I chopped off the first 2 1/2 minutes of the video where they all walk to the platform as though to a gallows, and then get strapped into the harness and lifted into the air.  From 24 to 32 seconds into the video, you'll notice that they pause for an exceptionally long time at the top.  I had no idea what was going on, but later, the story came out.
It had been decided beforehand that either Momma or Handsome would pull the ripcord, based on where they were strapped in.  Momma decided that she would be unable to pull the cord, and so their lives were in Handsome's hands.  So when they get to the top, the people in charge of the ride gave the countdown and then the order to pull the cord.  Instead of complying, Handsome chooses a different route.
     People In Charge: 3...2...1... PULL!
     Handsome: Ken, Dawna, I have a question to ask you...
     Momma: PULL THE CORD!!!
     Handsome: Can I marry your daughter *RIP!*
and he pulled the cord without waiting for an answer. You can hear my Momma scream the whole way down, especially from 38 to 41 seconds.  She says she doesn't even remember the ride.  I guess thats one way to deal with a fear of heights.  Eventually at the bottom, once they had been unharnessed and were exiting the ride, Handsome casually mentions that they never gave him an answer... and they said it was about time.
So those crazy kids got off of the ride and rejoined me.  We talked about how much fun they had had and watched the video a few times, and then proceeded to get the most delicious dessert ever!

Funnel cake, topped with powdered sugar, strawberries and sauce, icecream, and whipped topping.  SO GOOD.  So Good.  While we were sharing the desserts, Momma pronounced this the best birthday ever.  I was kind of shocked, thinking "Whoa, Mom, its just a roller coaster and a funnel cake.  She must really love her roller coasters.  I had no idea..." but agreed with her that it was a wonderful birthday.  She laughed (I thought) with me and we continued with our day at the park.

Momma, Kenny, Handsome
also taken from the scrapbook of yore.
And this brings us up to right before Handsome proposes.  Except that story is going to have to wait for another time.  I know, don't you just love a cliffhanger?

Now, to finish the story of the day, we go back to the part where I tell you we drove in two separate cars.  Handsome and I drove back home, him riding and myself driving.  On the hour and a half ride home, I started hearing a sound similar to squeaking, every once in a while.  I nervously called Kenny and asked him if there could be anything wrong with a car that would sound like intermittent squeaking, squealing, mewling almost.  He said no, but we stopped anyhow and checked the engine and the wheels; nothing amiss.

We get back to town and I drop off Handsome, still oblivious to what had happened that day.  We said goodbye, and I start the 12 minute drive from his parents house to mine.  The sound intensifies, and begins to sound like a cat.  But this is a car, and there's no cat (we also checked the trunk when we stopped earlier).  I began to be irrationally frightened that there was a demon/apparition/ghost cat somewhere in the car, and it was going to "get" me.  What could a demon/ghost cat do to a person?  No idea.  But it would be bad, trust me.

Finally, with me sitting on the furthest edge of the drivers seat, driving as quickly as the law would allow, I finally pulled up to home and leapt out of the car, running into the house.  I did put it in park before I ran away, but I didn't even take the time to turn it off.  I demanded that someone else in the house come out and check it from tip to tail to determine where the demon cat was hiding.  A posse of us ventured out, and together we checked the car from front to back.  Finally, when someone other than me heard the mewling, and we discovered and extracted a surprised and seriously dehydrated kitten from underneath the front passenger's seat.  Poor little bugger must have crawled under there in the morning (like, 8 AM) while we were loading the car, and then hidden there for the next 14 hours.  In a locked car with the windows up, in the hot July sun.  It was 80+ degrees that day. Poor kitten was never quite right after that.

And now, we have finished the story of how Handsome requested my parents permission to propose.

Suddenly hungry for a funnel cake,

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  1. One of my all-time favorites. Except for one thing. I don't know where you were that day, but I was at Kennywood. Silly girl.


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