Friday, May 6, 2011

Since the Dawn of Time...

Alright.  I have a story I want to share with you, about how Handsome proposed and things around that time.  But I feel like thats jumping in the middle.  And while I'm cool with it, you may not be.  If I went ahead with it anyhow, you may feel lost and forlorn, like someone who has the picture on the box, but not all the pieces of the puzzle.  And I'd hate to do that to you.

So I'm going to fill in some of the beginning so that I can tell you about the middle another day.  Also, there's a video I'm going to need to include, and its on my hard drive in my office.  See?  I'm not all altruistic and junk.  I'm also scattered.

 So as I've already mentioned, I met Handsome in high school.  I actually heard about him when I was in 7th grade.  I was at a different school, and hanging out at the county fair with some friends.  One of my friends squealed and got all excited; Geraldo Magagnotti (names have been changed to protect the delightful.) was there!  Of course, he was with his cousin, who would turn out to be Handsome, but I didn't know either of them.  My friend wanted to follow the two of them around and work up the nerve to talk to Geraldo.  I mocked my friend, and Geraldo and Handsome's last name.  "Magagnotti?  Pshaw.  What kind of crazy name is that?  Mag-ag-ag-a-nooooti?  Weird."  Oh, how ironic...

So, then high school, biology class, we hung out in the same group of friends, I was a statistician for the soccer team, Handsome was a game-changer on the team... Just friends.  Of course, he was in l-o-v-e with me, but I didn't know, and when he told me, I kinda ignored him.  Yep.  Not proud of it.  He took me to homecoming.  I have proof:

He's so adorable here.  I can't even handle it!

Handsome picked me up in his grandma's Dodge Dart.  Later, my Mom told me I couldn't go anywhere in that car again; the backseat was too large.  We had fun, but then I wouldn't date him, then I thought I might date him, then I decided against it... blah blah blah.  Lets just say there was a lot of teenage angst in those years.

Eventually, Handsome stopped talking to me.  So, like the fickle yet organized female I am, I made a calendar.  Every day I missed him, I checked the day off.  Three days in a row, two days off, 6 days in a row, one day off, until eventually, 17 days in a row, I missed him.  Welp, that sealed it for me.

So I wrote Handsome a letter, about 4 pages front and back explaining the depths of my feelings for him.  (Hahaha... if you're not laughing at me right now, well, perhaps you should get your laugher checked.  I'm laughing at me.)  My friend Hilde dropped me off and, for whatever reason, told me "Whatever you do, don't run away."

I knocked on the door, (p.s.- its New Years Eve), H.'s Mom let me in, he came out, and then I said, "Hi.  I just wanted to give you this. *hands envelope* Have a happy New Years."  And I turned around, started running, and jumped right off his porch.  I'm so good at uncomfortable situations, can't you tell?

Oh, and we started dating the next day.  I outlined a few things for him, such as (a) no sex, (b) don't get arrested, and (c) "I will not date you for more than 5 years.  After that I will need a status change, or there will be a personnel change."  He agreed, and on our merry way we went.

We mostly hung out with each other's families, held hands in the hall, and passed notes.  Our first date was to Wal*Mart to get chapstick.  Real hot & heavy, if you can't tell.

After all of this nonsense, we dated for 4 1/2 years (because Handsome likes to take it to the limit), although most days it feels like we've been together since the dawn of time.  And thats where we'll pick up next time.  I'm going to leave you with some priceless photos from those years.  You're welcome.

His Prom.  No, thats not the wedding singer.
My Prom.

My high school graduation.  And no, H. is not under the influence of anything.
His eyes just always looked like that in high school.

(Re-) Living the Good Life,


  1. Anonymous5/07/2011

    VERY cool. As I've posted, he is a lucky man - and you are too!

  2. @Anonymous

    I don't think you're a man! (tee hee!!)

  3. This stuff never gets old. I'm so glad I was there from the beginning; otherwise, I might think you were making it up! I love my son-in-law.

  4. I'm glad you already have part II written, cuz I have to go read it NOW. ;)


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