Thursday, June 30, 2011

The garden is trying to tell me something

I'm just not really sure what it is, exactly.

We went away for the weekend, and one of the things I was most looking forward to when we came back was seeing how much the garden had changed.  I think its the same with anything, when you're around it every day you don't see the changes, but when you go a away for a bit, it seems to have changed drastically.

I don't think I told you this, but I picked 3 tomatoes before we left.  So we've already harvested from this wonderful little bit of earth.  But upon our return things seemed to have gotten out of hand.

I know its hard to see since there is very little contrast on this picture.
Really, I think its the green version of a polar bear lost in a snowstorm drawing on computer paper with a white crayon.
But as you can see, the tomato plants are nearly 6 feet tall.
I wasn't prepared for this.
I guess I just didn't think I'd be so successful.
And yes, I'm taking credit for this.
This lettuce bed is clearly imploring me to rescue it from the ravages of the weeds.
I told the lettuce to quit whining and pull the weeds themselves.
I didn't put them there, so its not my mess.
This is what happens to an onion plant when you leave it alone for the weekend.
Clearly, onions require more supervision than I thought.
The peppers have become contributing members of our garden society.
(p.s.- I learned about garden societies from reading Samantha; An American Girl books.  All I wanted as a small girl was to live in the Victorian era and have Petit Fours for my birthday cake.  That is all.)


The Zucchini tells me that it ain't gonna do nuttin.
So, I tell the zucchini, I'm going all biblical on it's self, and proclaiming,
"He who shall not give me something to eat shall not live"
Ok, so I took a little liberty with 2 Thes. 3:10.
Really, its kind of the same, for a vegetable plant...
I'm wondering if the potatoes are telling me that they're ready to go, or if I'm slowly killing them.
I say, only time will tell.
We've got some Lil' Romas waiting in the wings
The Germans are even throwing in a lil' green guy.
Really, he's an heirloom tomato, and I'm not sure what he's supposed to look like when its pickin' time.
Please advise.
This guy was originally masquerading as a pepper plant.
His cover was blown on Wednesday, and I am here to report that he is no longer with us.
As a final crowning glory, I was able to capture this photo
I do believe that if someone were to form a cult to worship the tomato, they may frame this photo and hang it in a terribly gaudy gold frame in the main room in their lodge.

However, please do not form a cult to worship this tomato.
He's not going to last the weekend.
Can anyone say SALSA?
Getting a lot of mileage out of this here Gar-Deen,

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  1. Looking good!

    I know what you mean, we were excited to see what all changes our garden had wrought while we were gone last week.

    What we came back to find was that NO ONE had watered our garden!
    They came 3 times, picked 20 cucumbers and 'some' tomatoes, but *didn't have time* to do any watering.

    Ppl suk.


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