Friday, June 17, 2011


I know, that hate is a strong word.

Unfortunately, hate is also just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to these ... vile... despicable... monsters.

Yes, I called something smaller than my phone a monster.

And no, I don't have a very large phone.

You may think I'm exaggerating, but there's just no other word for them.

I have photos of the carnage, but if you have a weak stomach, perhaps you should just go look at the archives or something.  Everyone else, steel yourself for some gruesome photos.

The carnage has been metered out between all four tomato plants, with no respect for the different varieties.

The Roma

The Brandywine
The Better Boy

The German Heirloom
This tragedy has struck in all four corners of the tomato bed.  The culprit, you ask?  He's dead.  At my own hand foot.
I might frame this and add it to my wall of triumphs.
There are better days ahead, we know, and around here we're all clinging to that promise.

In spite of the tragedies suffered, three of the four tomato plants have fruit on them.
We're moving forward, not dwelling on the past.
Even the Brandywine, the final hold-out, is trying to find meaning in this suffering and move on with her life.
No better way to do that than new life itself.
Honestly, we'd probably be a lot further along on this whole "growth" thing if I hadn't forgotten to water the garden for four days straight last week, with highs every day in the 90's.   Probably.

Don't be like me.
Water your tomato plants.
The monster was small.  I have a lurking feeling that he was not working alone, but rather as part of a team.  However, when they saw me coming, they must have scattered because the one pictured above is the only one I succeeded in capturing.  I know that death may seem like a harsh punishment for the crime, but trust me.  I had to stop him.  Once they get a taste for it, they won't stop unless you make them.  I had to prevent this from happening again.  Oh, the carnage.

Making the world a safer place for Tomatoes,


  1. Eep, what is that thing?

    Our maters are doing really well...I keep expecting something bad to happen to them at any time.

  2. eewwww, yuck! Thankfully my mater's are doing fine as well, finally started popping out with lil green mater's this week, I can't wait!! Glad you got the lil bugger!


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