Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Its Summer

Officially, really & truly, summer.  As in "longest day of the year is now behind us", "Sunscreen is a must", "Hey lets go lay out", summer.  For me, its also "guess I'll go to work again tomorrow.." summer, which is less exciting, but ... meh.

Anyhow, what summer means to me is multiple things.

Summer is
Grilling out

Making S'mores
You're killing me Smalls!
Windows-down driving
Fresh Lemonade making
Lake outings
And, more recently, back porch sitting
There are some aspects of summer, however, that are severely missing from my life.  Where we live now is similar to where we lived in PA, but with one glaring exception.

Did you know that the state of SC has NO drive-ins?  As in zero, zip, zilch, nada, none.  Not a one.
In the entire state.  I looked it up about 3 days after we moved down here because it was summer when I moved here, and, as I've mentioned, summer = drive-in.  Period.  I love the drive in.  I love the sitting outside, under a blanket in the back of a truck, watching a movie.  I love the falling asleep during the intermission, and waking with dew on you.  I love the over-priced snacks and the extra large pops.  You know, pop, as in soda pop.  Because thats what we call it up North.

This absence of drive-ins saddens me, as I love just about everything else about SC (sans the palmetto bugs). The only thing I can figure, if we stay here, is that we'll have to get some decent money put together and get an outdoor projector & screen, so i can show movies outside in my backyard.  You know, once I get a backyard.

What means summer to you?  What is that one thing that "its not summer without/until..."?

Romanticizing outdoor movies,


  1. It probably sounds pretty lame, but what means summer to me is hanging my laundry out on the line to dry.

    Because it brings back so many memories of being a kid, spending summers with my grandparents and cousins.

  2. @Melissa

    I wouldn't call it lame! Anything that takes you to a wonderful memory is far from lame. I myself plan on having a clothes line outside someday, and hanging sheets and things on it.


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