Thursday, June 2, 2011

I've got some questions for you

Think of this as a type of Seventeen-esque quiz.  You ever do those?  Consider that question numero uno.

I've got things I want to know about people in general.  You, dear reader, dear dear darling reader, are my sample.  I could talk to you about how I need at least 30 responses to estimate for the world at large, according to the law of large numbers, but I'd have to call my sponsor if I started that stuff up again.  Hi, my name is Mariah, and I'm a recovering mathematician.  Now you say, "Hi Mariah!"

Anyhow, I've got some questions.  If you want to answer them anonymously, thats wonderful and does not detract in any way at all.  If you do not want to answer them and other people already have commented, no sweat.  However, if no one else has commented and you think about maybe doing it, let me push you over the edge and guilt peer pressure you.  C'mon!  Do it!  Doooo iT!!

1. How much does your household spend on groceries?  This has been plaguing me, as I try to manage things here on the homefront.
2. How many people do you have in your household?
3. How far in advance do you buy a gift for a birthday?  Wedding?  Shower?
4. Why does my dog walk over to me, sit down, and then air poop?  Is it affection?  Marking his territory?
5. Where have all the cowboys coupons (in the Sunday paper) gone?
6. How do you know when Potatoes/Garlic/Onions are ready to be pulled up?  Can you put them back if its too early?
7. When you see someone hitchiking, whats your gut reaction?
8. Do you wash fruit before you eat it?  What if you yourself grew and picked it?
9. Do you have any special skills?
10. How much would you pay for a 2-layer cake of your choice from a bakery?  Fruit stand?  Out of someone's garage?  Would you buy a regular cake, or only for special occasion?

If you're reading this at some point in the future (i.e.- not right after I post it), please, feel free to still contribute.  It'll get us closer to the 30 people I need in order to approximate a normal distribution...

Calling my sponsor,


  1. 1. $150 - since we live on campus (and get a free meal plan) this is skewed...
    2. 2
    3. Day of the event
    4. Affection for sure :)
    5. American are too lazy to cut out coupons nowadays
    6. ? and sure worth a try
    7. Serial Killer?
    8. Yes if I buy at the store. Yes if I grew it and it is covered in dirt
    9. Crafting and my wit
    10. I only buy cakes for special occasions or I bake the myself - although mine are nothing fancy


  2. This is going to be one of those "comment is as long as the post" things.

    Pre-Question: Yes, all the time. Still do in grown-up mags (like "People" and "Self", not "Penthouse").

    1. Don't know anymore. We had a $300-350 monthly budget when we lived on our own though.

    2. At that time, there were 4 of us.

    3. Depends on my med levels, work load, and who the person is. Could be anywhere from a month to a few days before or I could stop and buy something on my way to the event. Sometimes (with birthdays) I'll even let it slide until a day or two after... But I'm usually in the "two-weeks to four days before" bracket.

    4. Missy does it too, and her spiritual gift is being obnoxious (and noxious). Take from that what you will. I think they're just needy. Like me.

    5. Ours still has lots, but unfortunately most of them are for candles/air fresheners and frozen foods we don't actually consume.

    6. I don't know. I doubt it. Maybe if you were super gentle and nothing broke off of it? Try it with one of each and see what happens. Worst case scenario, you can only invite Jim OR Allison over for dinner because you're short a baked potato.

    7. "I wish I wasn't by myself and/or didn't have my kids in the car and/or hadn't watched that movie 'The Hitcher' when I was a kid. Then I might be of use to this person who might, in fact, be a regular guy in need of help, and not a psycho axe murderer or someone who plans to molest my daughter and/or sell her into the sex trade." I have trust issues and need to stop reading the New York Times. It's SO not helping.

    8. I didn't until I read a "Real Simple" article about the safest/most dangerous health shortcuts we often take and found that not washing produce is one of the most dangerous things (carcinogenic pesticides are one thing, but the e. coli will take you out, man!). Even when we grow it ourselves, I almost always wash it first.

    9. Special? Yes. Useful? Not so much. I can spot a four-leaf clover without breaking my stride. Last week, I picked seven of them (and a five-leaf) in our yard in a span of about 15 minutes. Apparently I inherited this freakish trait from my paternal grandmother, who was also a clover ninja.

    10. I pretty much only *buy* cake if it's for a special occasion (or I'm too busy/lazy to make something for a potluck). I'd happily pay $15 for a 2-layer 9" round of that peanut butter chocolate cake you made (or a really rich chocolate cake with super-thick chocolate frosting). I feel like $15 sounds cheap, but ... I am. So there.

  3. Hi, new here, found your link on another blog, so hope you don't mind my answering.

    1. Up until recently, nothing. I do the Qpon and Stockpiling thing and get groceries free when all the tallys balance out. Lately I've been slacking, though, and have been spending an average of $10 a week.
    2. 4
    3. I'm not a good present purchaser and usually just give money on the day of.
    4. No idea about dogs.
    5. Coupons definately aren't as good as they used to be. They've lowered the values, shortened the expiration dates.
    6. No idea about potatoes/onions/garlic.
    7. They are either looking to kill, or get killed.
    8. Yes. I don't know who's hands have been on it in the store. If I grew it then I know it was in/near the dirt of the garden. Except I will pick fruit off a tree or vine and eat it w/o washing it.
    9. I am always right.
    10. I'd probably only buy a cake for a special occasion if I was too lazy or incapable of making it myself. I wouldn't want to pay more than $9.99 for a 2-layer cake.

  4. 1. I’m sorry, I have no idea. We go when we run out of stuff and then split the cost.
    2. 6 on a lean day
    3. I try to hit Amazon up about 1 ½ to 2 weeks ahead of time.
    4. Your dog has no control of his digestive organs. He missed quite a few things as they were being handed out in doggie not-yet-born heaven.
    5. The coupons are pathetic. And, they’re in cahoots with the stores who remove the coupon-ed items during the time that the coupons are valid.
    6. Potatoes – the tops die off and the greenery turns brown. Onions – the tall green parts are as long as you would buy them in the store. Nothing bad happens if you leave them in the ground longer; the onion just gets bigger. You can tell how big they are when they start pushing up through the dirt. Garlic – ask Aunt Linda.
    7. “If I pick them up, will they expect me to make conversation?”
    8. I didn’t use to, but I’m becoming more cautious in my old age. I do not, however, wash bananas.
    9. Are you kidding? I can speak your thoughts for you! Oh, and I can cook. I am most excellent at slicing off parts of my anatomy and regenerating. And, the streams of Rivendell run through my veins.
    10. I would have a hard time paying for a cake. You know that. But I would buy one from a bakery if they had a good reputation. I would buy one from a fruit stand for sure. Garage? I don’t know. Depends on the garage. Yours? Yes. Ours? Laughing, laughing, laughing.

  5. 1. How much does your household spend on groceries? Around $5-600. I know, crazy. That means food only - only what you can eat. You can't eat toilet paper. I mean, I guess you could...
    2. How many people do you have in your household? 6
    3. How far in advance do you buy a gift for a birthday? Wedding? Shower? Months. As in, I buy things when I see a good price and then go shopping in my closet. Otherwise, it is frequently bought approximately 15 minutes before the start of party.
    4. Why does my dog walk over to me, sit down, and then air poop? Is it affection? Marking his territory? - Why does my husband do the same thing? I'm calling it love. Denial makes the world go round.
    5. Where have all the cowboys coupons (in the Sunday paper) gone? West.
    6. How do you know when Potatoes/Garlic/Onions are ready to be pulled up? Can you put them back if its too early? - because they are packaged with a big price tag on top.
    7. When you see someone hitchiking, whats your gut reaction? If you have a death wish, why don't you just throw yourself off a bridge? Why waste taxpayer money with the police investigation that will ensue tracking down your serial murderer?
    8. Do you wash fruit before you eat it? What if you yourself grew and picked it? - Hello, I'm Missy, and I don't wash my organic fruit. If I grew and picked it, there is no freaking way. Unless it had like bird poop on it.
    9. Do you have any special skills? Oh, yes. Yes yes yes.
    10. How much would you pay for a 2-layer cake of your choice from a bakery? Fruit stand? Out of someone's garage? Would you buy a regular cake, or only for special occasion? Not really into cake. Some stinky cheese, now, I will pay dearly.

  6. @Melissa

    So glad you came, and commented! And for all your answers! Its a fun way to get to know you :)

  7. @Missy @ It's Almost Naptime

    You, Miss Missy, are quite clever. I've heard about the gift closet, been thinking about starting one. You say it works for you? Oh, and I'd heartily suggest against eating toilet paper. My puppy (who clearly loves me) found it did not agree with him. Thanks for dropping in!

  8. 1. We spend about $10/day when I'm really making the attempt to be healthy.
    2. 2 (and a fetus)
    3. I buy gifts when I find the perfect gift for someone, and then there's no way I can actually wait for a special occasion to give it, so I give it immediately, and then totally forget to get something ON a gift-giving occasion.
    4. In walking over to you because he loves you, everything in his digestive system loosens up and all that bloat comes out the stinky way.
    5. I don't use coupons... or get the Sunday paper.
    6. No idea about plants. I've killed air ferns.
    7. Avoidance
    8. No... I've tried REALLY hard to remember to do that since I've been pregnant, but sometimes, laziness reigns supreme.
    9. I can crochet. And read any fantasy novel, no matter how thick, in less than a week.
    10. I don't buy cakes often, cause Steve doesn't like them. But I paid $20 for my ice cream cake last year and think it'd be reasonable to pay something like that for a /good/ two-layer cake at a bakery.

  9. 1a. Of course I know the quizes, my daughter gets the mag now :) I love stupid online quizzes.
    1b. Not sure on a number. Around $500-$600 I bet and that's down a lot now that I'm religiously meal planning. We like to eat good food and I have to eat some specialized foods. I'm going back to couponing (not extreme I don't have time for that)so I'm looking forward to seeing how that will bring it down a little.
    2. 4, 2 are teens in sports, hence we go through a ton of food.
    3. birthday- depends for who. Week of for my immediate and day of for most everyone else. Wedding-day of Shower-day of (I hate that I do this!)
    4. I pretend it's because they are so comfortable with me they are too relaxed. I live on a boat on the river Denial if you want to join me ;)
    5. There are coupons for cowboys?! WTH have I been missing?
    6. I know potatoes can be buried again, not sure on the others.
    7. Don't make eye contact
    8. definitely. Store bought has a ton of people touching it and there is dirt and bugs on the homegrown.
    9. The ability to be told everyone's lifestory upon meeting them.
    10. Depends how decorated it is. Friend started making cakes like those on foodnetwork. The helmet she made for her hubby's bday was INCREDIBLE. I'd be willing to pay her $50+ for my daughters sweet 16 this summer.

  10. @Val - Firefighter Wife

    Val, thanks for commenting! If your boat in Denial River has a bed for me, I'm comin'! And thanks for the tip about the potatoes, thats the one I'm really really wanting to dig up. They won't stop growing!


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