Thursday, June 2, 2011

No Pocket Tape Recorders For Me.

I've had a lot of thoughts since I started this job way over on Tuesday, but I have no way to share them with you.  I can't blog while I'm at work, and as noted yesterday, it takes up literally half of my day.  Add to that the other stuff weighing on my addled brain, and you've got not a whole lot of room left over.  And lets be honest, this is recreational, and thats always the first to go.  Those poor elective classes...

Anyhow, I thought to myself today that maybe if I wrote stuff down for you as it happened/I thought it, then you would have a glimpse into my day.  But thats not really feasible with my work environment, and so then I imagined having one of those little recorders that journalists use for interviews and people with hearing and attention problems take with them to class.  Making the obvious leap from there, I began to narrate my day to myself, imagining what it would be like if you were privy to all of the goings ons.  Here's what you missed.

  • No less than 9 trips to the water cooler to fill up my cup.  This place has a dispenser that shoots out water and ice and any combination of the two.  Its the good ice cubes, too.  Not the best ones which make your drink sort of like a slushie, but pretty good.
  • I am a copying genius.  This is evidenced by my ability to clear 5 paper jams today.
  • The "thing to do" around my workplace seems to be sending one another different emoticons, so everyone can build up their emoticon library.  I got a small clip of David Hasselhoff today, no lie.
  • I got my work computer today!  Unfortunately, my name was misspelled, so I'm currently answering emails directed to Marah.  But I believe that is fixed now.

Riveting, no?   Trust me, there's more.  I even composed a short piece of non-fiction prose regarding the state of the weather, the presence of geese, and the smell of the air.  It was quite good.  But really, few people no one but my mom really cares to hear all of that drivel.  Once I got on the road to drive home, I even thought that perhaps I wouldn't like the person on the tape recorder, were I to listen to it later.  I was throwing around a lot of "Okay Princess!" and "Hey there, Buddy!" at my fellow drivers.  Tame, yes, but the emotion behind them was not.  Then, on the final stage of the drive home, the music was up at a LOUD volume and I was, to put it mildly, ROCKING OUT.  I'm currently enjoying this song by The Band Perry.  And anything by Zac Brown.  Trust me on this, you're glad you can't hear me sing.  Contrary to what my sweet friend Bec tells me, I'm not very skilled at singing.  Enthusiastic, yes.  Hit a good share of the notes, maybe.  But man, those one's I don't/can't hit, they're bad.

So, I won't be getting a pocket recorder any time soon.  And I'm probably not going to be on reality TV, or supply you with a continuous Twitter feed.  Because, honestly, my life just isn't that interesting to you.  Its not. And thats cool.  I appreciate that you stop over hear to listen to my usually outrageous stories, but you've got your life to live too.  Go, live and enjoy it.  But don't buy a pocket tape recorder.  Unless you're April from the TMNT.  Then its totally appropriate.

Have you any daily drivel to share with me?

Feeling my Friday (parading as a Thursday) from my head  to my toes,

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  1. Drivel du jour:
    un: Your mention of emoticons made me miss the days when I had codes to make Batman, a guy with a bag over his head, a dude barfing, and a pile of poop (complete with flies buzzing around it)
    deux: Your mention of your singing skills reminded me of the story about you singing in the showers at the Alive Festival and that rude little girl telling you to stop. You should tell the whole story on here sometime. It's a winner.
    trois: TMNT reference for the hat-trick. Your narrations may seem like drivel to you, but they're gold to me.


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