Monday, June 20, 2011

On the eve of our anniversary...

Tomorrow Handsome and I are going out to celebrate our anniversary.

Which is nice.

And we have small Leather gifts for each other, because that is the traditional gift for year 3.  
I'd tell you what Handsome's gift is, but then you'd tell him and and then it wouldn't be a surprise... Its really hard for me to keep his presents a secret from him.  Really, the only saving grace tonight is that he's on shift so I can't tell him.  But tomorrow, I'm going to give him his little present (because we both bought them off of Amazon for less than $20, including shipping), we're going to eat in a nice restaurant, and I'm going to have filet AND dessert.  Probably cheesecake.

But, lest you confuse us with any other couple, please do not imagine that Handsome has gone all mushy-romantic on me; it hasn't happened, and it won't, most likely ever, happen.  My proof is in the following two conversations, both of which were had today.

Me: It would be nice, when we're riding bikes, if you'd be a little concerned when I fall off my bike.
H: Listen.  If you got hit by a car, I would stop and check on you.  If you wrecked your bike into
      a tree, I would stop riding and come back to you.  But if you just want to lay your bike down
      and get a scrape or two, no, I'm not going to throw everything down and run over to you.
      You fell off of your bike.  Two-year-olds do it every day.  When you deserve sympathy, you'll
      get it.
Me: But sometimes I think I deserve more sympathy than you think I do.
H: Like I said; get run over by a car, and I'll give you sympathy.  Until then, pick yourself up, drink
      some water, and get back on your bike.


Me: Hey, the gift you got me came in the mail.
H: Oh, okay, are you going to bring it with you tomorrow?
Me: Me, bring the gift you got for me, to dinner?
H: Yeah.
Me: No.
H: Okay, so what do you want me to do with it?
Me: You could wrap it...
H: Its already wrapped.
Me: Its in the shipping package.
H: Yeah.  That's the point of ordering it from Amazon.  They wrap it all up in cardboard for you.
Me: Thats not really the same...
H: Well, when you got it out of the mail, could you tell what it was?
Me: Well, no...
H: There you go.  Job well done, Amazon.


Unwrapping cardboard in a nice restaurant,


  1. Anonymous6/20/2011

    He's a lunkhead!

  2. Kelley Regele6/21/2011

    Happy Anniversary Mariah! Hope y'all have a nice dinner :)

  3. Sorry - can't help but snicker. That is actually me and not my FF. Sorry. ;-) BUT, have a great anniversary!

  4. Gah, that's me, too, lol.

    So what'd y'all get?

    I can't even remember the last time we exchanged Anniversary gifts.
    My Anniversary is on my Birthday, though, so he gets me one gift and says it's for both, so I get him nothing and tell him that's for shorting me a gift.

  5. Thank you all for the good wishes! I got filet AND cheesecake! Oh, you weren't talking about the food? Because I was focused on the food. No, for gifts, I got Handsome a Pittsburgh Penguins fob keychain-hicker, since his truck is his favorite thing ever and he loves the Pens. He got me a leather kindle cover, which is purple and I love it! We had a wonderful night, and he only said one inappropriate thing all night... or perhaps I'm just getting used to him by now :) Thanks again all!

  6. Think of how much you'll save on wrapping paper in your life together. Really that husband of yours is eco and budget friendly!


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