Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Quilt Along is a GO!

There has been minimal some interest from you, the lovely and under-appreciated public, with regards to doing the t-shirt quilt along type thinger.  So we’re going to go ahead with it.  Its not going to be every day, and I can’t give you a definite time line, since its going to depend on when I actually do things, which is pretty much a crapshoot.

Aside: My mom says marriage is pretty much a crapshoot.  You make your best guess, and then you jump in.  Doesn’t really matter how much you know about a person, the ring on the left hand changes a lot of things anyhow, and its going to be an adjustment, no matter what.  As long as you both love each other & God, and both lock the exit doors on the marriage, you can do it.  As Dr. Laura says, choose wisely, treat kindly, and you’re good to go. (I’m a pretty big Dr. Laura fan.  I’m a pretty big “My Mom” fan, too, but she doesn’t have her own webpage.)

If I had to give you a ballpark figure for how this thing is going to go down, I’d say by the end of July, if you follow what I do as I do it, we should all have a nice T-shirt quilt to spread on the grass for a picnic,or to snuggle under after you turn your AC way up.  Whatever your fancy is,I’m not here to judge.  My personal goal is to do one step per week, and blog about it.  What you don’t know is that I’m already on step two (!) soI can appear much more caught up than I am.  Its necessary for me to do that, sort of like how friends will tell Handsome & I that a party starts 1½ hours before it actually does, so that we’re not super late.  We might still be late, but the punch won’t all be gone and the cake won’t be stale.

So, for the first week, you’re going to have to make some decisions, and I would suggest getting some supplies gathered.  If you don’t want to buy the things I list here, I will also list alternatives, but they will make it slightly more difficult (still do-able, so don’t give up here).  Or, youcould see if a quilter-type friend has some of the supplies that you can borrow.

I am planning on making a quilt that is large enough for a twin bed, with a medium-to-large sized man lying on it who needs to have his feet covered at all times.  I am also a bit of a lazy quilter, and like to make things easy for myself a lot of the time.  As a result, I am using the largest square I have in my possession as a pattern – 15”x15”.  This will result in a quiltapproximately 60”x75”, as I’m doing 4 squares across and 5 squares tall.I will be showing you how to make the quilt top, and at the end we will discuss the two options for the back of the quilt.  Option (1) is to backthe quilt with a fabric of your choice (I suggest flannel), like any ordinary quilt.  Option (2) is to make 2 quilt fronts, and quilt themtogether, sandwich-style.  I’ve done it both ways, and I prefer option (2)as it creates a heavier blanket.  However, it is much more sewing, and you may want to go with option (1) for your first time.  Your call.The size of quilt you want to make will determine the number of T-shirts used.  

Also, the size of the square you’re using as a pattern will alsochange things.  Since I can’t give you a really good estimate, this week’s assignment is to make those decisions (size of square, size of quilt,backing option (1) or (2)) and gather the following materials:

  • Rotary cutter [alternative: really sharp scissors]
  • Cutting mat larger than your square pattern [alternative: if you’re not using a rotary cutter, you don’t need a mat.  You will need some washable way of marking the shirts, though.  Get thee to the Crayola marker isle!]
  • Plastic Square [alternative: trace a perfect square onto thick cardboard, and cut that out to use as a pattern]

Once you’ve gotten the tools, its time to make the decisions.  Determine what size of quilt you’d like to make (either bed-size or inches height &width), and report back to me, along with your information on square size and backing option.  Leave me a message here (or click my photo on the top right part of this page to message me privately) and I will tell you how many T-shirts you’ll need.  Your message should look something like the following:
Quilt Size: TwinSquare Size: 15”Backing: Option (2), T-shirts on both sidesNote: I do not need designs in every square.  Some blank squares would be okay.
The “Note” part can really say anything.  “Anything” as in ‘anything you think might be important’, not ‘your mom goes to college, here’s a random comment’-anything.  Unless you want to.  You do what you want, I know I do.  Alrght.  That should get us ready to go on this adventure.  Are you as excited as I am??  You're gonna be awesome at this, I know it!!   And then someday, you can bring your Tshirt quilt, and I'll bring mine, and even if its hot out, we can crank the AC and snuggle up under them & watch Casablanca!  Deal.  Done.

Still a grandma at heart,


  1. Quilt Size: Tiwn
    Square Size: 15"
    Backing: Option (1) flannel
    Note: I'll be using scissors and my own square because I promised not to buy another single crafting accessory.

  2. Done! I'm stoked!! Twin-ish, square size: 12 inches, backing: flannel.
    Note: You are awesome and I may or may not have been trying to accomplish this very project for months.

  3. I'm late!!! But ditto Melissa's comment. And note, it's a-okay with me if there are blank squares.

  4. @Melissa and Ashley

    You're both going to need 10 T-shirts, by my estimation, and also 3 yards of flannel (assuming your flannel is 45"+ accross).


    You're going to need 21 T-shirts, to make 42 total squares. You'll also need 4 2/3 yard of flannel.

    Any of you can also find old flannel sheets at Goodwill or something, because that can get pricey.

    Alright ladies! Get to cutting!


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