Monday, June 20, 2011

Since the Dawn of Time... (part 4)

C'mon, folks, you knew it was coming.  

It was inevitable that we would get to this part of the story.  Just like Handsome and I.  

And now, the wedding story.

3 years ago, the inevitable happened; At 9AM tomorrow, exactly 3 years ago, Handsome and I were legally wed by a man we know as Zelmo.  If you were one of the lucky 556 people who attended our wedding, you might find yourself confused, as the wedding did not take place until 6:30PM (because then the hands of the clock were going up, which was "good luck", according to Grandma Janny).  Handsome and I were legally married by the Justice of the Peace in our little hometown, in the presence of few witnesses, and then we smooched and said goodbye, until we would play out our wedding later that night.

For the morning wedding, I got to wear a cute little hoodie that said "The Future Mrs. Magagnotti", which was really cute, but I haven't worn it since.  Doesn't really make sense, you know?  'Cause now I'm the current Mrs. Magagnotti?  I'm sure there are a few more future Mrs. Magagnotti's out there, as Handsome has no less than 32 first cousins (hence the 556 people at our wedding), so we've got hope that at least one of them will get married someday... but no one is making any bets.

After our legal wedding, at which people threw rice, FTR, we split and I went and joined my half of the bridal party for bacon & chocolate chip pancakes (the breakfast of champions), and then hair do's.  I liked my hair for the wedding.  In case anyone is thinking about getting married, let me offer this piece of advice: do your hair in a normal style for you, with just a little pizazz; too much and you'll look like someone else.  You don't want your kids to ask "who's in that picture with Daddy?"  Then we all traipsed to the next location to get dressed.  On my way, I stopped at the wedding site, which was a soccer field, and told people to move chairs and ordered my grandpa around, an event which is more rare than the blue moon.    

When it came time for the wedding to play out, the sun was shining, and the masses had gathered.  I wasn't really nervous as I walked down the aisle, because we were already married.  
In case you're feeling nervous about marriage, I would recommend this strategy: get legally wed early in the morning, before you're awake enough to feel nervous.  Then, have the wedding later when you can enjoy it; worked for us!  My brother performed the ceremony, and when the time came to light the unity candle, there was a little surprise.  It was a ROMAN UNITY CANDLE.  As in, it was a bunch of roman candles (the fireworks kind) tied together and then covered with satin.  The grandmas in the front row were a bit taken aback, but we like to keep them on their feet.

The reception took place on the same field where we pretended to wed, and we partied and celebrated all night long, despite the hurricane-induced storm that swept in right after dinner.  The food was delicious, the company was delightful, and the night as perfect as I'd ever want it.

But really, the best part about that day was the journey that started there.  Because that is all that a wedding is; one day, at the start of a journey.  And boy, have we have had us a journey.  I tell H. all the time that he's not the man I married (the firefighting, the Nascar, etc.), and I'm okay with that, because I'm not the girl he married either.  We've grown up, but not too much.  We've grown together, since we moved here knowing no one.  We've made our own memories and I'm not sure if we have any new traditions, but we're working on it.  And hopefully, God willing, we'll have many many more years in which to develop those.

I married Handsome because (1) He loved God, (2) He loved me, and (3) He's the best man I know.
I'm the luckiest girl in the world, and in case anyone is wondering, I married up.  He's my best friend, my favorite companion, my one and only.  I'm grateful every day (that I remember to be) for who he is and all he does for me.  He's my champion, and I can't wait for the next 37, because we're only going to be married for 40 years.  Handsome says that the traditional gifts get too expensive after that.  

Still in the Honeymoon Phase,


  1. You made a beautiful bride. LOL @ the Roman candles (I thought they were roamin' candles, tho).

  2. illiterategranny7/08/2012

    OH, MiMi, What a beautiful love story. it only will get better. This is something to show Mags. Love you both., Gram


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