Thursday, June 9, 2011

Since You've Been Gone

Hello darling dears.

Its the end of another work day, although there's still an entire one tomorrow.  Still, with this renewed appreciation I have for Fridays, I'm feeling pretty good.  This internship is supposed to be a learning experience, and boy, have I learned, and I kind of expected that; its the subject matter that has got me impressed.  I mean, I like variety and all, but this is impressive.  I've learned about bee-keeping  apiculture, the proper technique for turning during high-speed, downhill bicycle racing, the cartography of Idaho, and the formation of storm cells.  The company I'm working for claims to embrace diversity, and they are not liars.  I have had a few Office Space moments, especially with the copier.  Luckily, the stapler I've been assigned is just regular and will not incite me to steal.

My wonderful, fantastic, often-inappropriate-but-essentially-kind-hearted husband drove out to the big city and met me last night for a wonderful bike ride during a threatening storm that once again turned out to be all talk.  We rode for 15 miles, averaging about 12 mph.  There were no mountains on our route, so I didn't get to practice my newly learned techniques, but it was great nevertheless. I also got the great gift of coming home to a clean house.  I mean, spic 'n span, spit-shined, smells nice even without candles burning, clean.  It was such a wonderful treat, I'm going to treat my hubby back by electing NOT to show you the video I once captured of him narrating himself cleaning the kitchen sink as though he were Julia Child showing you how to quarter a duck. 
Aside: Why does nevertheless get to be one word, when it is clearly three, but other words, like ice cream and high school have to stay separated?  Thats racist.  
Aside: I understand that I've misused the word racist in the above aside.  I'm sorry if you're offended.  Send me a message, let me know, and I'll try to never do it again.  Otherwise, I'm going to assume that you don't mind me throwing it around into places it does not belong.  Kind of like how i do with my "Your Mom"s.  FTR: International students do not see the same humor in that as you & I do.  I would say Chinese students in particular, but then I would seem to be  making a racist statement, so I'll refrain.  Lets just say, personal experience.
Today, I plucked 1 Jalapeno, 2 hot banana peppers, 1 strange small yellow pepper (yes, thats the official name) and a baby bell pepper from my garden.  I also committed an atrocity against leaf lettuce and sent the Red's packing.  Things have been getting a little heated lately, and it was time for them to go.  No, really, thats why; its too hot for Red Leaf Lettuce.  I picked the premature bell pepper because I'm too tired to pay attention, apparently, and broke the plant in half with the hose while trying to water the as-yet-more-of-a-parasite-than-a-contributor zucchini plants.  I have also given up on keeping my potatoes covered, since they're clearly all going to grow up to be basketball players.  I don't know how I'm going to find shoes to fit all 9 of them.
Aside: Are you enjoying these re-caps?  If you'd like something more exciting (and really, who could blame you), please tell me.  Otherwise I'll think you're riveted to my every word, despite the fact that the number of hits to the site keeps dwindling every day.  I'm good at ignoring things.  But really, I understand that this is, again, lazy blogging, similar to lists.  In fact, its another list in disguise!  (Any one else feel like they should be shouting "there's the clue, blue!"?) But its what I've got today.   Sometimes I imagine that something inspiring will hit me while I'm writing.  Chances are not good.  
There have been some other exciting things going on, but I'm going to play a wisdom card and wait to tell you until stuff is more certain.  And no, its not babies.  No babies here, unless you bring one to visit, and if you do, you'd better take it when you leave.  Just layin' it out there.  But there may be some changes coming, and if so, I'll have plenty of new topics to blog about.  Things might be getting pretty excited around here.  Just.You.Wait.

Attempting to leave you hanging, 


  1. Anonymous6/09/2011

    i seriously just sat at my computer for like 5 minutes and laughed out loud... haha thanks for being so awesome and making an otherwise bismal day into a really great one. now i will post as anonymous but give you a hint about my identity: MeMe :) i hope you can take a hint :)

  2. I enjoy your posts. You have a wit that I envy and would emulate if I could.

    Ignoring dishes used to be in my skill also. My Mom used to always say I was going to give us Ptomaine poisoning. (I did wash them before I used them!)

    I don't know at what point in my life I started being okay with doing dishes. Now I don't hardly mind doing them at all. It's such a mindless task, it's good *thinking time* for ideas or stories.

    I've never grown potatoes, but once when I was reading about straw-gardening I read something to the effect of that potatoes will grow on concrete with straw thrown over them.
    I am not at all sure about that, but anyway, maybe you could put some hay or straw over them if they need covering?


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