Wednesday, June 15, 2011

So Tired.

I. Am. So. Tired.  

My eyes are watering.  The left one was twitching yesterday.  Mornings are hard, especially because I didn't pre-pick my clothes for this week, despite how well it worked last week.  I know, its not logical; sometimes things just happen.  

And the drive is rough this week, because I'm the one doing it.  I've got a commuter buddy, although I use the term "buddy" loosely.  Lets just say its... how to put this... 
Yeah, I think that about covers it.  Buddy played solitaire on Buddy's iPhone today while I drove the 41.8 miles home.  In near-silence.  After the first 8 minutes, Buddy stopped giving one-syllable responses to my attempts at conversation.  Did I mention this trip takes approx 63 minutes?  Of awkward silence.  The first few days of these shenanigans, I thought "people always like to talk about themselves, so I'll ask Buddy some questions."  It worked at first, but eventually, FAIL.  I can't really ask any more questions without crossing over into stalker territory.  I deal with this silence through self-reflection (Its okay, self, if Buddy doesn't like you.  Everyone doesn't have to like you.  Give Buddy some space.  Look how cute your skirt is today.  Wow, self, thats a lot of blisters on your feet.  Better choose some better shoes next time...) and so on.  

I also listen to the country music that I want to listen to, and drive with my windows down because I want to, even though Buddy said that country music is "meh" and seems more like the A/C type. Its not that selfish living is my goal.  I think on some level, I'm daring Buddy to speak to me, even if its in protest of something.  On the up-side, I think I'm going to net a savings of approx $260, so... I'll take it.  In case you wondered, that is apparently my price for un-enjoyable company.  Applications accepted within.

Finally, tomorrow is my Thursday-masquerading-as-Friday, as this is 4-day week.  I'm very excited to be done with this week and its slowness and its awkward drivings.  Next week is Buddy's turn to drive, and my turn to be a recluse in a social situation.  We also have some bestest friends coming down to visit and ride bicycles, which my tukus is not excited about, but it does make my heart happy :)  Tomorrow night, after getting re-certified for CPR because he's a hero, I'll finally get to see Handsome.  I don't think I saw him this morning (although we all know what a haze I'm in before 7AM,so maybe I did...), and so that would be Tuesday morning that I blew H. a smooch and headed out the door, and I haven't seen him since.  He misses me too, which is nice.  Usually I'm just overly needy and he puts up with me.  

So tomorrow, when I climb into JeepJeep (thats what I've decided to name my vehicle, for lack of a better imagination), I will focus on the fact that it is Friday, and I have my hot cofocolate, and on this:

I'm pretty sure its a weed.  I know it is growing rampant up between our gravel in the driveway.  Handsome has big plans to kill all unwelcome guests in our yard tomorrow, so this picture may be the only one I get.  Oh, and please call before coming over, for all of our sakes.

Apparently terrible at small talk,

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  1. Oh, that's just awful!!! And really funny. I love that you call him "Buddy". It is a he, right? It has to be a he. Keep us posted on next week. He'll be your captive audience, so you need to find a way to capitalize on that. Ha! No solitaire this time, BUDDY.


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