Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Someday this will all be funny.

So yesterday I started my internship.  And let me tell you, the guy who hired me, Nobiboo (name changed, like you couldn't tell, right?) well, he told me that it would be "dumb butt boring" for the first two weeks.  And after 2 days, let me tell you that Nobiboo may be a lot of things, but he's no liar.  I stared at 3-ring binders for so long these past two days that I'm cross-eyed and I dream about them.  

So anyhow, now I'm a working girl, and along with this job is an early start.  So early, in fact, that I honestly do have to get up while its still dark out.  And unfortunately, I'm still adjusting to this whole schedule. And now I'm rambling.  Let me get to the point, and make this long story actually short.

Take the following 3 ingredients:

  1. I had to leave my house this morning at 6:20 AM
  2. I didn't get to sleep last night until after midnight
  3. I apparently don't like to use my mirrors when I'm sleep-deprived
Shake, don't stir, then bake at 375* for 40 minutes and you get...

This would be Handome's truck.

This would be Handsome's driver-side mirror.
Double whoops.

This would be the Jeep Jeep.
Thats a hat-trick, folks.
As you can see, I got the better end of the deal.  Which isn't fair.  But thats how it goes.

You may recall, this is the second time I've backed into Handsome's truck with my Jeep.  In less than 6 months.  Because I'm a professional driver.  SYKE! (but only about the professional driver part.  the rest is true.)

So tonight I arrived home a little over 12 hours after I left it, took my puppy for a run, did a million other tasks, and am now going to fold laundry and go to sleep.  I feel like I'm just trying to get through this day in order to get on to the next one.  So I pose a question to those of you who are used to working for a living: Is this normal?  How does one do, if not "it all", most of what needs to be done?  Do you just head-down-muscle-through until the weekend?  Is this why frozen dinners are in such high demand?  Please, lend me your widsom.  I'm flat out.

Also, although its out of order, let me say that my wonderful Hubby took this in stride.  He even offered, since I seem to feel the need to smash things, to sell his truck and my jeep and buy a pair of clunkers.  He said if we had those types of cars, we could play demo derby in the parking lot to my heart's content.  Ok, so he was a little snarky at first.  But it was funny, and mostly he was just concerned about me being so tired and driving.  So don't worry, he's not going to divorce me over.  We have, however, re-arranged the parking situation so that he's the one who has to back out past me.  And he says he gets two good wallops before we revisit the arrangement.

So tired of playing double-deductible,


  1. Anonymous6/01/2011

    love you :)


  2. Anonymous6/02/2011

    The good news is that you don't have to bring a briefcase full of stuff to do at home . . . yet. LOL

  3. Oh, dear. Big hugs to you.

    I didn't have a long commute, but even then everything did start revolving around Friday pretty quickly. Also, my husband-who-was-then-my-boyfriend did all the cooking. Which meant some hamburger or tuna helper on some days, but no frozen dinners.

    Then Saturday morning becomes another "work" day, because that's when you catch up on everything you haven't done around the house. Then the second half of Sunday is spend in the uncomfortable awareness that your time off is going to end and you'll have to do it all over again beginning the next day.

    But there's always Friday!


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