Thursday, June 16, 2011


I'm in love.  I don't know if I've mentioned this yet or not.  I could do a quick search on here to check, but I'm pooped and don't want to put forth any extra effort tonight.  So even if I've already told you, let me tell you a-gain.  I am in love with succulents.  Here's the wiki page, in case you're totally lost.

From what I gather (and again, I'm not firing on all cylinders tonight) they are a special type of plant that retains a lot of moisture and grows best without much attention at all.  Aloe Vera plants fall into this family.  I had one.  I also had a Jade Tree, and I think they also are in the fam, although I can't confirm 100%; I'm about 87% on that one. 

 I'm sure there's all sorts of cool information about them, but here's what I like best: you can break off a piece and put it in dirt, and it grows a new plant!!  Isn't that just the most super cool thing ever??  I think so.  However, that fact is also the reason that I don't currently have any.  Allow me to explain; the fact that they can reproduce without any real effort from a person causes me to balk at paying $2.50 for one small plant.  I just can't do it.  I mean, I could, I have that much moola in my pickle jar alone (what?  where do you keep your spare change?), but I just... can't.  My conscience won't suffer it.

So for now, I'll dream and imagine and fill up this space with the coolest pictures of them I can find.

Finally, through this little process here, I have learned 3 things.  (1) I like succulents just as much as I thought I did, (2) Blogger Image inserter-thingy pays absolutely no attention to copyright on photos, and (3) I'm still hung up on the at-least-3-items-in-a-list thing.

I hope you have enjoyed the most recent installment of low-impact blogging.  BTW, my Buddy was a regular chatty Cathy this morning, and then turned into silent Sue on the ride home again.  But, there was no solitare played today, so I'm calling it a win.  I'm off to start my weekend now.  Mazel Tov.

Stingy to the max,


  1. I have to admit, those pictures border on gross to me. Fascinating plants, but the third one up from the bottom looks like a brain or other organ to me. :) Just thought I'd share my opinion on them and hope that helps you. :)

  2. I'm with you in theory but I'm with Cara in reality. The 7th picture down? Gross. No reflection on you, however.


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