Thursday, June 23, 2011

Weekend Whirlwind

I like that one, that title up there.  Its a good one.  It makes me want to both (a) make an awesome post to match its own awesomeness and (b) quit now, because the pressure is too much.

I have for you today just a few short notes before I start running around my house like a mad woman, throwing things into suitcases.  That is right, we're heading out of town this weekend.  
Attention all would be burglars whose ears have perked after reading that: You're welcome to stop by, but we looked around and tried to find things to sell on ebay last weekend, and we didn't see anything of value.  Perhaps a pair of fresh eyes would see something we missed.  Please don't break any windows, its been raining a lot.  Thanks, TFW

We're going to a wedding, one that will not be unlike our own 3 short years ago.  One of Dante's (32) cousins is getting married, and we're heading up there to celebrate.  I'm also going to get to attend my sister's baby shower, which is quite exciting for me.  She's about SUPER DUPER PREGO, and I am so excited to celebrate my soon-to-be-here nephew!  I'm going to call him Izzy, even though that is not going to be his name.

In short, its going to be a whirlwind weekend, trying to see everyone in the 72 hours we're going to be there.  This is a problem for us every time we go home, although we've been getting more successful at it.  I don't think I even cried last time.  Usually I do, because the pressure to see everyone and me wanting to pack everything in is just too much.

We've finally been able to accept that we're not going to see everyone, but we try and hit the basics: Grandparents, because their time seems more tenuous than anyone else's; nieces & nephews, because they forget us more readily than others; other family, and then finally friends.  Sorry friends.  Its just how the game goes.  I do have some very good, sweet friends that will make a trip to see me, and then just go about my visiting with me.  That way we get to interact, but they don't cut into family time; they add to it.

I've often told myself that its harder for us (Handsome & I) to visit home, because both of our families live there, and we're pulled in 90 million directions.  But, we do have the added bonus of not having to choose which parent-group we're going to visit for which holiday; we're either here, or we're there.  What do you do when you go visit home?  How do you decide?  This is something we talked about in premarital counseling, but it never really came to any resolution.

Sort of like how, during premarital counseling, I said, "Honey, someday I want to be a stay-at-home-mom" and my Honey said, "Thats fine when the kids are really little, but when they are old enough, you're going back to work, or else you're just stay-at-home-lazy."  Before you dear, wonderful SAHM's begin plotting, please know that he has come around, at least some.  But at the time, it wasn't enough of a reality to fight over, and so we just said "this is what I feel, this is what you feel, lets table it until a more opportune time".  That strategy won't work for everything, but for some.

Anyhow, now I must go pack so that we can leave at 7:30 in the A-to-the-M.  Which, curiously enough, feels like sleeping in, and I'm excited about it.  I will miss the sunrise, though.  Never thought I'd say that.  Also never thought I'd have to say, "Get your toes out of my armpits!" as much as I do, but life has a way of surprising you.  I will probably be letting this blogaroo slide until Monday or Tuesday, but I promise to make up for it with loads of pictures and lots of stories.  Just think, I've got a total of 20-24 hours in the car with Handsome, wherein he'll have plenty of opportunity to be inappropriate.  Can you even wait?!?

Please have a wonderful weekend.  It would mean so much to me.

25 days of work left, and counting,


  1. I am beyond thrilled to share part of your 72 hours with you. Be safe drivers, make good choices, watch out for cops in WV, keep your wallet on you AT ALL TIMES, call when you get to Bostonia. Cannot wait to see you both. WOO-HOO!!!

  2. Have fun visiting, and have a safe trip!


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