Monday, June 6, 2011

Work Playlist

I had asked a while back for suggestions on how to deal with this whole work thing.  Really, I think its either "Coffee" or "You just keep trying.  Its hard."

As I was getting ready last night (and subsequently forgot two very important things today; so much for that), I had asked for how to prepare myself mentally, soulfully.  And no on answered, which makes sense.  Because really, do you  know how I should prepare mentally?  You'd have to know what goes on in my head, and thats a ride no one is buying tickets for.

But I realized today that I am preparing, and I thought I'd tell you how.  In case it gives you ideas for preparing yourself.  Or in case you were corncerned concerned (corn-cerned?? really, self?? go to bed!)  about me.  I'm alright.  Or, at least I will be with sufficient sleep.  But what I've been doing is three fold:

  1. I read my bible at night.  Trust me, reading about heavy stuff like the New Testament church or Steven's beheading makes paper jams seem like childs play.  And there are some pretty sweet Psalms and Proverbs that offer a lot of comfort.  Just sayin'.
  2. I pray in the mornings before I get out of bed.  Most of the time its "Jesus, I don't think I'm gonna go to work today.  Please Jesus?  What?  Something about promises aren't made to be broken?  Fine... "  thrown in with some prayers for Handsome and whatever else pops into my head; thankfulness for what I have, petitions for what I desire, concerns for those I love.  Sometimes I fall back to sleep afterwards and am again awakened by the snooze.  But it helps center me all the same.  Truthfully, sometimes I forget I did it by the time I'm showering, but I do mean it when its happening.
  3. I've got some songs that move/speak to me.  Not in a weird way.  You know, just those songs that make you really... feel?  I may be alone in this, and I won't lie when I say I'm feeling particularly emotional tonight (I've got a self-imposed bedtime of 9:15 looming), but songs just get to me.  I hear a song like Teddy Bear, and I'm wiping my nose on my sleeve and probably a dangerous driver.  I've pulled over to listen before, I cannot tell a lie.   But thats not really what I'm talking about.  Lately I've been listening to my "Favorite Jesus Music" playlist on, which you should check out if you haven't already.  Its like Pandora & Youtube all rolled into one, with sprinkles.
  4. I don't want to be in this list anymore, but I'm not sure how to break out and just give you my most recent playlist songs, which was the intent of this post to begin with.  So lets pretend I did something clever and ... wait for it.... .... wait for it...
... and we're out of the list!

I just found out last Thursday that I'm allowed to have headphones in at work, and so I'm getting my Zune (because I missed the iPod train/didn't believe all the hype/it had radio first...) prepped for tomorrow with some songs, including these which I've listened to/belted out twice already tonight.

Voice of Truth (Casting Crowns) - so nice to focus on truth
Love is Not a Fight (Warren Barfield) - bad acting aside, I love anything that supports marriage.  
Big fan-o-marriage here, that'd be me.
Savior Please (Josh Wilson) - for when you just... can't anymore
In Christ Alone (FFH) - they came to my church 3 or 4 times.  I know them.
One Thing I Know (Sara Groves) - couldn't find it on youtube, but seriously... Grooveshark, baby.

This is a sampling.  Email me if you want more.  Email me if you want to suggest.  I love music suggestions, as I feel sort of ... limited in this area.
Singing more-than-slightly off-key,


  1. I remember singing "One Thing I Know" for church.

    Another good thing about having my own office was that I could listen to music. I'd forgotten how important that is.

    But really, nothing beats coffee. ;)

  2. "Your Great Name" - Natalie Grant
    It is unbelievable.


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