Thursday, July 21, 2011

Dinner Inspiration & Giveaway & Winners

WINNER:  drummmmmrolllllll..... Miss Hannah!  Congrats Miss Hannah, you'll be receiving your new picture frame within two weeks!  Thank you for the suggestions, you appear to know more than you think you do about feeding people!

We’re out of food.

Not in the actual, “Cockroaches would starve here” way, but in the “I can’t think of anything to cook anymore” sort of way.

I hate that feeling.

I’m on track to come in at/under the new grocery budget, which is exciting to me.  I wrote the cheesecake that I sent to the fire station off as a “gift”, so I actually probably have about $20 less than what I’m pretending I do.

ASIDE: Did you know that cheesecakes cost that much?  Ridiculous.  And here I always thought I had cheap tastes.

Anyhow, there’s so much room left in the budget because I haven’t gone grocery shopping for about a week and a half.  And I just don’t want to.  I can’t seem to get up the get up and go to go and shop.  (If that sentence made any sense to you, perhaps you’ve been here too long.)  I’m not inspired, mostly because I just haven’t taken the time to get that way.

Did you know that inspiration often takes effort?  That’s the way I’ve found it to be for me, at least, and I’ve heard from some other people that they often have to grease the wheels before they have an epiphany.  Usually, my inspiration for dinners comes from (1) sale notices in the newspaper (or the online version) or (2) perusing online food blogs/recipe sites.  But I haven’t really done any of that.

And I’m feeling tired.  It’s a 5-day week at work, and you know how those effect me.

So instead of making myself do any of that ugly thinking work, I’m hoping you will come to my aid.  Suggest some quick, easy-to-moderate, cheap meals for me.  I need to make up my grocery list, and before I do that, I need to
know what I’m shopping for.  If it’s an online recipe, please include the link!

As a special treat, I’ll randomly choose one dinner suggestion to receive a digital picture frame.  The two have nothing to do with each other; I just have one to give away.  I guess you could load a single picture of your
recipe into the frame and use it to cook by.  But I’d suggest something pretty or loved, and lots of pictures so you can watch them all change.  

Its an Ality Pixxa Something-or-other

My step-dad got one a few Christmases back, pre-loaded with pictures of all of his (then 4, now soon-to-be 7) grandbabies.  He watched it for 3 days straight, not even minding when the pictures ran out and started cycling
through again.  I’m telling you, these things are highly addictive. 

So put on your thinking caps, and give it to me baby!  Give me the best dinner suggestion ever.  

Remember, though, no fish or beans.  I won’t pick you if you put up a dish with fish or beans.

Resisting the leanest of proteins,


  1. I'd say mac & cheese, but that Velveeta is dear! Chicken legs are about as cheap as you're gonna get. PW has a great recipe for chicken legs; said legs, butter, season salt. I think that's it. Check it out. And a potato, white or sweet, is the perfect value-packed food. Enjoy. I don't need the picture frame though, obviously. What I could use is a new download...

  2. I am the Queen as writing budgetary items off! I once bought something that I wanted and wrote it off under "gifts". Hey - it was a gift for moi! (I don't recommend that particular tactic.)

    Anyway, THANK YOU for that verse. It rocked my world!

  3. I made a really good lasagna the other day for 6 people (9"x13" dish), and I had left-overs, but I'm sure you could scale this down with a smaller baking dish. I added a pound of Italian sausage to the sauce recipe to make it a meat lasagna, and left out some of the spices since the sausage helped add flavor. I used these recipes:

    Homemade ricotta (made 2 batches):

    Homemade marinara sauce (with Italian sausage):

    Lasagna (mostly just a template to put all my pieces together):

  4. I made a variation of this for lunch yesterday, and I think it'll be even better when I tweak the recipe (mine was just noodles and zucchini). Mini bowtie pasta (preferably whole wheat) tossed with butter, lemon, garlic, and grilled chicken, cherry tomatoes, and zucchini. Yummo.

    Burgers on the grill are always nice and easy and fairly cheap in the summer. Add some watermelon and a salad and bada bing.

    Chicken broccoli alfredo over penne is easy and yummy. So are tacos and/or fajitas. I don't cook much. Can you tell? :P


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