Monday, July 11, 2011

House Hunting

We went and looked at houses again this weekend.  Just like last weekend.  And I keep checking out and zillow and trulia and and forsalebyowner and and and… and I’m tired of it.  I’m a getter-done-er.  Once I make a decision, I like to act on it, make it happen, and boom!, be done with it. 

Apparently, house hunting is not like that.  *understatement of the day*

Its “oh maybe this one, if we built a garage” and “this one needs a new roof and new floors” and “it would be great if only you didn’t have to walk through 3 doors to get to the only downstairs bathroom that consequently has no windows”(true story.  Seemed like a great place to hide from a tornado, thought)… 

The fairytale story I’m holding onto is that, if we were looking in a higher price bracket, we’d have an easier time of it.  Houses would have garages and more than 0.18 acres, and they wouldn’t smell like the carpet was made of cat hair.  In this perfect world, the houses we wanted to afford (because even when we’re playing Happily Ever After, I don’t want to be mortgaged to the hilt) would be painted the same color the whole way around instead of just the parts that they posted pictures of (no lie, peach on 3 sides, blue on the front.  Only picture online: the front.). 

But, from what I hear, even when you go up in the brackets, even when you’ve got Uncle Scrooge’s money problem (i.e.- too much), its still a struggle to find what you want.  For some reason, we people (I’d even suggest that its an American issue more than anything, but maybe not) have to completely personalize “our space,” drawing it out as a representation of ourselves. 

I remember when we first got married, and I thought “Since our love is new (gag me), our apartment should be new, too!”, mostly because it was an extension of ourselves.  Eventually, when I got tired of writing the too-large check, and tired of cleaning the extra bed & bath that no one used, we gave in and moved to a smaller, older, but more appropriate place.

Since homes aren’t as easy to trade as apartments, we’re trying really hard to do this thing right.  We’ve had some snafus (like poking around 120 ROADNAME, which was not for sale but was mercifully vacant at the time, instead of 119 ROADNAME which was actually for sale) and some foolish hopes (yes, I wanted to buy a 100+ year old farm house and to fix it and love it and someday grow old and die in it, even though it was at the top of our price range before any remodeling had been done), but mostly its just the waiting that’s getting to me.  I want this thing DONE! 

Sneak Peek of My Rock touring the houses on Sunday
Check out the socks and sandals.
Luckily in this, Handsome is still my rock.  He still grounds me.  Like yesterday, when I did a cartwheel because I was so excited over a great deal we’d found and I wanted to buy it immediately (darn banks, not being open on a Sunday… I’d be in escrow already if I had my way!), H. kept in mind words like “pre-qualify” and “termite report”, and the steps we have to go through to make any of this a reality. 
So we’re still waiting, watching, and searching.  We’re closer than we were, but still just as far away from owning a home, if that is at all possible.  Still searching our hearts, and asking God to show us where we’re being crazy and where we’re being obedient.  Still learning patience.  You’d think, after all the years of babysitting little brothers and being too young for things and wanting to get engaged, and waiting waiting waiting, I’d be better at patience.  So not true.  Perhaps that’s why I’m still learning.  For now, we’ll be content with where we are, and I’ll keep you updated.  And that’s a threat promise!

Living in a renter’s paradise,


  1. Anonymous7/11/2011

    One thing I happened to take away from this because I like to read between lines was that your love is now smaller, older, and more appropriate. Sad.


  2. Thanks for sharing your house hunting experience.It's enjoying looking for the beautiful houses

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  3. it's a big decision to make, and like most big decisions they can be a bit trying on the patience!



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