Saturday, July 2, 2011

Let the weekend games begin!

Yesterday, H. & I's (grammar is weird) weekend started.  Oh, the fun of it.

We began by going to look at some houses with our favorite sweet dear lady realtor.  It was an adventure, as it always is when B the Barbarian is around.  We just love her, and her British accent.  And the fact that she has to jump to get out of my Jeep.  And her charming and well-told tales of woe.  Pretty much all of her.  We saw a few houses, and had a good time.  The results of the house hunting are currently being withheld until serious discussion time has both convened and concluded.

Afterwards, B the Barbarian left us (bereft) and H. & I decided to fill our time with a little adventure.  So we packed up our puppy dog (yes, the 82 lb one) and our newest toy, and headed out to the high seas.

Idyllic, no?
Let me add that it was a roarin' hot 94*, and the water was cool enough to be refreshing.

We found this special little spot in our own county, about 8 1/2 miles from our house.  Seriously, is it any wonder that we love it here?

'Oh, what, you're bored?  Well, what summer activity would you like to do?  Oh, outdoor sports?  We have parks for that.  Swimming, you say?  Well, lets just drive 5 minutes to the lake.  Whats that?  You prefer mountains?  We can go hiking up a mountain to a waterfall about 17 miles northwest of here.  Wait, you're hungry?  Well, lets just pop on over to The Smokin' Pig to have the best BBQ around, and then we'll go white water rafting.'

Its ridiculous.  And wonderful.

Anyhow, I'm not going to tell you where this spot is, because I'm selfish and a middle child and as long as you don't know, you still need me around...  

Okay, fine, I'm also a people pleaser.  Its just north of Clemson, near the Issaqueena Dam.  There.  I said it.  You can go play there without me now. *sigh*  And for the record, play, you will.  This little spot is a peninsula of sorts, and one one side was this little place pictured above, while on the other side you could go swim below the dam, and off of the top of it, you could swim above the dam.  I only swam in the place pictured above, and cannot vouch for the safety of either of the other places.  High school kids hang out there a lot, but we've all been high school kids at one point, and know that their decision-making process often does not involve the relative safety of the situation.  But it looks like fun.

We stayed where we were because... It had a rope swing!  Holla! (p.s.- I also saw a white '96 Buick with that word, holla!, spray painted on the side in green yesterday, along with a #3.  I think they're going to the stock-only races up in Westminster. Excitement abounds)

I would like to state that, as in most things requiring feats of strength, Handsome was much better at the rope swing than I was.  As evidenced by the photo's below, Homeboy's got some serious skillz.

As you can see, I went for the more... traditional approach.
And speaking of serious skillz, we found a new one for Dukey.  Not that he comes about having this skill by any feat of mind or will, as he is lacking in both areas (which I'm grateful for, let me state clearly).  Our little puppy can kayak!

'I'm really excited to go on this adventure, and I'd like to thank my mom and my puppy brothers and...'

Alright, so he may not be going down any rapids any time soon, and I don't see him mastering the barrel roll in that thing, let alone the cartwheel.  But he stayed in it for about 3.6 seconds, which is a lot for a dog who is unaware of his body in space, and also frightened of... everything.  This "boat" as Handsome calls it, is his newest toy.  He bought it from a friend who... bought it from a friend whooo... bought it from another who'd been messin' around... Sorry, channeling a little REO Speedwagon, my bad.  

But anyhow, the great joke about this is that now H. has the boat, but no PFD, no Helmet, no Splash Skirt, and no Paddle.  Just his "boat".  Either way, we really enjoyed playing with it yesterday, and it was a great way to kick off the Fourth of July weekend, one of my very favorites.  Its a weekend with everything; family, fireworks, water playing, hotdogs over a fire, and s'mores.  What more can you ask for?

From our family to yours (possibly the dorkiest thing I've written yet, but still sincere)...
Happy 4th of July!
Let Freedom Ring and campfires be stoked,


  1. "Yesterday, H. & I's (grammar is weird) weekend started."

    Just thought I'd point out it should be "Yesterday, H.'s and my weekend started." ;)

    Sounds like a great start to the holiday! When do you want to come meet baby Kara?

  2. What great pictures! And a wonderful start to a weekend for sure. Hope the rest of it is safe and fabulous.

  3. @freeisalark

    When do I want to come? Like, weeks ago (I realize she wasn't here yet, but still, I wanted to come meet her). I will come any time! I've been trying to give you space, but I was going to call you soon. Let me know.


    Thank you! Its shaping up to be wonderful! I hope yours is just as good, maybe even better :)

  4. Wow, great place for fun!


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