Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Readjusting My Attitude

I'll admit freely, it wasn't my first impulse.  I didn't want to adjust my attitude.  Nope.  My plan was to get on here and bemoan my sorry state, and tell you all the miserable awful not-terrible-but-just-not-very-good things I was feeling.

In a word, LAME-O.

But then I heard this song playing through my head.  And then God spoke to my heart in a quiet gentle way.  And the adjusting began.  And, honestly, its happened about 3 more times since the first time, about 18 minutes ago.  Yes, I'm that changeable.  But I'm trying, and I'm learning.

So instead, let me share my newly re-adjusted (and re- and re- and re-adjusted) attitude with you!  Its a grateful heart, thankful and full of humility, knowing that, especially in light of my recent terrible attitude, I don't deserve any thing that I have, I've earned just about... none of it, and I can't do anything to make it otherwise. So here's my new outlook, with a heart full of thanks to redeemer God.

Thank you for my dog, who apparently wants a new toy.
Maybe he wants a kindle.
Oh, and by the way, THANK YOU! for my kindle.
It sure gets me through the day.
Thank you for my home.
This sentiment is apparently shared by about 3 dozen crickets as well.
But really, there's room here for all of us, which is more than I need.
Thank you for my husband.
Its nice to get to take care of someone else.
Plus he holds my hand sometimes and makes my heart jump.
Thank you for a job, and an easy one at that,
not that I wouldn't be grateful for a hard one.
And for not-totally-terribly-uncomfortable shoes.
And for calluses.  So I don't get blisters anymore.
And Thanks for a laundry room, so I can hide my mess.
And I'm grateful its not in my kitchen anymore.
And for enough clothes, thanks for that, too.
I'm going to go put dishes in my dishwasher now, which is so super nice to have, and then I'm going to cook dinner, because I'm lucky enough to have food.  And I'll spend the rest of the evening in my air-conditioned apartment, and get to sleep on an uber-comfy mattress.

Whats one thing you can turn from irritating to thankful for?

Just blessed,

p.s.- The giveaway is going to last until Thursday, July 28, at 8pm.   Get your comments in, on here or on Facebook!  C'mon, I want to give it to you!


  1. I'm thankful that at almost the exact same time my student loans came back out of deferment (annoying), B got a job so that we have enough income to cover that expense. :) Thanks for the reminder, sister-friend.

  2. We are in the middle of a move - on a FF's schedule, with four kids, in 100 degree heat...good reminder to be thankful. I think I needed that.

  3. @Trina
    I can only imagine... I'll pray for extra thankfulness for you! And maybe a cold front??

  4. @Miss Hannah
    Thats a good one, Hannah! Keep it up, I know you've got more in you!


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