Sunday, August 28, 2011

Call me? Call you?

I've never been a phancy phone type of gal.

Them peoples at Vee-rizon, they don't love it when they see me coming.  They don't get excited and there are no fist pumps.  I walk into the store, pull my number, and then wait patiently.  Because I'm a sweet heart like that.  Then the smiling sales person comes up to me, and ask how they can help me.  Then in this dance we do, I tell them exactly what I'm looking for, and wait for them to provide it.  I'm a little demanding, so they're not always able to accommodate me.

Here's what I ask for:

  • Something that makes calls, and maybe texts.  
  • Pictures are okay, but not necessary.  
  • Free is best.
This has been my modus operandi for the past... 5, 6 years?  Something like that.  And its worked for me.  They're not phancy phones, which is good since it takes me, on average, 27 hours from purchase to first time dropped on pavement.  The phones I end up with generally last for the entire 2-year contract time (although sometimes I get a wild hair and renew my contract early!).  

The phone before the previous phone.
Its small.
Mine had less buttons that this.

They often have some "thing", however, that I have to deal with/work through.  My last phone, I had to hang the phone by the charging cord if I wanted to get any charge at all.  This one I've got now, well, it sometimes turns on randomly.  The only trick here is that it doesn't turn off first... I know, kind of weird.  Its on, I'm using it, and BOOM!  All of the sudden, its restarting.  I like to think of these things as special skills, rather than obstacles to overcome.

But now I'm staring down the business end of a contract, once again.  Although I enjoy traditions, I'm wondering if this is one I should break.  The question I'm struggling with is this: Is it time for a Smart Phone?  

There are pro's and con's out the wazoo.  Pro: It has GPS options.  Our GPS is broken.  This would fix that. Con: It is like having a robot in your purse, and that's frightening.  Pro: Everyone else is doing it.  Con: It costs an extra $30 a month.  Pro: I can play angry birds.  Con: Everyone else is doing it.

I just said on my last post that I wish to move towards being a homesteader.  Maybe.  I'm toying with the idea, anyhow.  And how does this fit together?  Can someone who sews their own clothes also have an iPhone?  Would a Droid fit well in my bag full of canning supplies?  Is it responsible, is it frivolous, is wise, is it lemming-like?  

I am not sure.  I just can't decide.  And really, I don't believe that any of you can decide for me.  Its equally likely, should you offer advice, that I would ignore it or take it.  But I welcome it all the same.  Do you have any suggestions?  Any particular insight on this issue?  Do you have a Smart Phone?  Do you fear them?  Do you require them?  

Can I handle this?
Should I handle this?
It goes without saying, a protective case would be needed.
Confounded by Technology,

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